Monday, April 27, 2009

Clean house (or not)

Mark thinks that I am a terrible house wife. He certainly keeps a cleaner home than I do. I have yet to figure out how he entertains the boys and picks up,but whenever I come home from work on the weekends, the floors are vacuumed, the toys put away, the laundry baskets emptied. It always leaves a big question mark in my mind. I have, however, stopped thinking about it. I have just told myself the boys mind better and entertain themselves around daddy than they do with me.

Anytime I am in the bathroom getting ready my cabinets get emptied. I even bought storage boxes and put everything in them inside of the cabinets. They just get emptied onto the floors.
This is the down stairs playroom after only 30 minutes. I put the boys in there so I could make dinner and tidy the kitchen. It only took me 2 days to get all the toys put back into the bins.


starnes family said...

You're not alone. I feel like things are always out of control!

Deelsu said...

I don't have kids -- and maybe your kids are too young -- but when it's time to pick up the toys just make it a big game and whoever picks up the quickest gets a non-food prize? I used to do some of this with my nieces -- eventually they figure it out but they still learn that they gain priveliges if they pick up after themselves? just an idea.... :)