Thursday, April 23, 2009

Boomer Sooner

The Saturday before Easter, Mark took Connor to his first college football game. I know wrong season!!! It was the Oklahoma Sooners Spring game. Connor loves football, especially football he gets to watch with daddy. It's the only way I can get him to eat his vegetables-he has to eat them to grow big so he can play football. They had a great time, even with out a nap... a stop at McDonald's on the way up and down helped with that. Connor loved seeing the "manhorse" which was the mascot that he is still talking about.
They stopped at Turner Falls on the way back.


Amy S said...

The first of many! So cute!!

Deelsu said...

Right on! I'm all about football and my kids(when I them) will be at the tailgate and the game with all their gear on!

Donatelli98 said...

Too Cute - reminds me of Lacey cheering on her Go CATS! Miss you cous!