Monday, April 27, 2009

Texas Sun

Nothing can run this red headed, fair skinned girl in quicker than 90+ degrees and last week Texas had it's first of the year. I can, however, guarantee that it will NOT be the last!! So when days get hot, big mamma takes the boys to do indoor things...I know terrible but lets face it, the slides are even to hot to slide down. Spring lasted all of 3 weeks around here...gotta love TEXAS!!

This time we went to Collin Creek Mall play area, one of my favorites because it's not crowded and the area is age appropriate for both kiddos. We also made our usual stop at the Disney Store and since it was Earth Day we turned in some plastic bottles for a free cup. Connor found a Toy Story T-shirt and it was on clearance so I let him get it. We had to leave the mall after that, less than an hour into our trip, so that he could go home to change into his new shirt.
Have you ever heard of a toddler who changes more than Connor?

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starnes family said...

I grew up at Collin Creek. Haven't been there in forever! My kids don't change clothes....but I have heard of many that do!