Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I know, I know.....I am sooo behind on blogging. Well guess what? I am behind on my laundry, my cleaning, my paperwork, my organizing, my cleaning (did I mention that? I am way behind on it). My excuse for my blog-this stupid computer. I just replaced the battery about a month ago. Then I had to have the screen repaired a couple of weeks ago. The tech told me about some "issues" my PC had. I knew it would have a few problems as it is several years old and has been running kind of slow. I told him maybe next month I could get it fixed since I had already spent several hundred dollars on it. Ever since I got it back from him it has been worse. Sometimes 3 or 4 days will pass and I can't even turn the thing on!!!! It almost makes you wonder....
By the time I fix this I could have bought a new one.

My excuse for the other stuff....I'M LAZY!!!!

Not much exciting has been going on, just the usual routine. Several park trips, lots of bike riding, and the fun part-4 trips to the doctor for Colton in the last 8 days (which included 6 shots in 4 days) for his ears. Now he is on 10 days of oral medication to clear them. Let's pray that works. He is at least acting like himself again. The one good thing...he has met his deductible for the year!!


starnes family said...

Jack is on his 3rd round of the 10 day antibiotic. 3 rounds in the past 6 months since Blake moved. 3 times a day. So annoying!!!!! Looking forward to your upcoming posts!

Anonymous said...

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