Thursday, June 17, 2010

Arbuckle Wilderness

I hate to keep sharing the same ol' animal pictures
but this place was great

On our drive home from OKC last week, it was just me and the boys
No dogs
I left them with Mark
I was tired of being responsible for every living being

Really I just wanted to stop at one of the many cool places along the way

But since I really didn't feel like dragging all the tired kids out into the unknown
I choose to go to the drive thru zoo
Arbuckle Wilderness

Such fun!!!!

The best hour I have had in a long time
I laughed the entire time

I have this great memory from when I was a kid
In fact, such a vivid memory, I was beginning to think I made it up
But this venture confirmed my fond recall
When I was little my granny and her brothers/sisters took the grandkids on vacations
One year we went to a similar drive thru zoo in Missouri (I think)
All I remember is my little cousin, April, and me sitting in the front seat
And this giraffe sticking his head in our window all the way through

Now I know it was real
These animals are CRAZY

And food whores
This guy was my fave
He just kept chomping his chomps
And stayed right with us
 They all did
But the emu's were the WORST
Thank goodness for power windows
Don't know if 'Edward the Emu' will remain our favorite book after this

Colton thoroughly enjoyed himself
As much as I did
Connor damn near had himself curled into the console of the truck
I might have over exaggerated the "biting of the hands" aspect
Just to keep the boys from hanging out the window
Connor just wanted me to keep driving

The giraffes were amazing
They were in an enclosed area but could reach their necks out to the cars for food
of course
But the emus would just about not let them get any


 Got to see another baby getting "booby juice" from his mamma
The boys thought that was special
Now they know I am not we are not the only one

I was a good multi tasker
I drove
kept the big boys from getting the hands eaten
nursed the baby
changed a poopy diaper
took pictures
rolled the windows up and down non stop
and laughed my butt off

I am expecting my MOTY nomination any day

It was a blast and so neat to see all these animals up close
It will make a great meeting point for my DFW friends

Back to packing....


Dee Stephens said...

how fun! we have one of those near here and I should take Reeders to it!
BTW -- umm... Britney Spears?? baby in the lap..?? LOL!

BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

Nice job cous - glad you all made it out ok.

starnes family said...

Looks like fun. I've heard that's a great place for kids!

The Soladay Family said...

Coco drove with both of her kids in her lap at Fossil Rim. Totally talented.

Emus are scary.

What an awesome park. You are a good mommy!

Jake & Delila said...

Looks like a fun time. I've heard of these place, but never been to one. Maybe we can meet you there one day.