Monday, June 7, 2010

God Bless Christian Liam

Yesterday was Christian's Baptism at St. Paul's Church

It was the last chance since he barely fit into the family christening outfit
The top button was left undone, but no one knew

My sister, Brandi, is his godmother
My BIL, Bill, is his godfather
They both live far away so we had substitutes
BFF, Amy and BIL, Jon, stood in for them

They are Connor's godparents

He did great, never cried once

Colton had a fever and it was nap time, but he hung in there
Connor was bored to tears, but he was great

Time to retire the outfit
That makes me sad

The boys and their great grandparents, Nana and Papa Lou
St. Paul's is their church

Amy and Connor

Linda and Colton
(Colton's godmother)

Aunt Barbie, Nana, and Christian


BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

So cute - and so sad to retire the outfit! I have ours packed away so when the girls have kids they can use it and remember their Granny made it! Do you remember where we were 1 year ago this week? We need to meet up again soon!

starnes family said...

LOVE the outfit. You're a traditional girl and I love that, too!

FROGGITY! said...

what a special day! and i agree, that is a special wonderful outfit. he looks very content and interested in all that is going on!! :)