Friday, June 4, 2010

First Day of Summer

I wrote this post once already and it didn't save for some reason, so maybe that was a sign I said too much!!! 
So I will try again, friends...

We started our first day of summer break yesterday with 3 snotty noses
Colton woke up at 5:15am and then did not nap
Christian did nap, twice
Therefore, miracles do still exist
We had a playdate at our house
I had a sitter so I could go out last night

I would like to say I planned a sitter on purpose so I could start the break off relaxed and with a plan
It just so happened to work out that my Thursday outing to Cru for half priced Champagne fell on this particular Thursday
I love me some bubbly
Thank goodness I saw cousin Katie at the garage sale a couple of weeks ago and she is home from college for the summer
I never have a sitter, don't know any
Their not cheap
Katie is great

I paid for it today
Christian was up at midnight
Christian was up at 4am
Damn snotty nose
Guess who was up at 6am
You guessed it
That's Colton, not poop

This photo has nothing to do with summer
Just a cutie
Colton licking jelly from the plate
God forbid 1 droplet of sugar be lost

Today, day 2 of summer break was H.O.T.
I was tired
and depressed
so we went to Chick Filet to play
So did every other Texan

I am with Coco
This is gonna get old


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