Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Contractor on the Run

So I have mentioned quite a bit lately we are having some work done on the house
We had a section of the basement playroom closed in/off for Mark's office
That included a wall, door, and painting
Then the kitchen, dining, half bath, and family room painted

One of Mark's sales guys gave us a couple of names for contractors
We went with one, not because he was the cheapest
But because he was the quickest with the quote
He seemed like a super nice guy
And he is
Kind of slow
But the work has been excellent
I overheard he and his helper talking about singing in the church choir

That kind of guy


The last day
He had been showing up for work at 10am
On Friday he came at 8, hoping to catch Mark at home
Apparently there had been a misunderstanding on who was paying for the doors
We assumed it was included in the price
He and Mark had gone to Home Depot to pick it out
When Mark mentioned this to him, he said he would eat the cost of the door ($360)
In the meantime, he had hand written some additional charges on our bill
That I had on the fridge
He included this $360
Mark had circled on his contract where it stated "all materials included"
Jeff had noticed this and wanted to discuss
Problem was he caught me off guard
It was 8 am
I'm in jammies still
I have not brushed my teeth
I don't have on a bra

Come on dude!!!

(Hope this story is making sense)

Anyway, all he has left to do is paint the door downstairs
He is stressed out that he is going to loose this money
He claims he has already lost over $800 
because Mark told him the ceiling were going to be the same color (as the walls) in the kitchen and dining rooms

Really, like it's $400 per room to have a second roller to paint the ceiling?
Get over yourself buddy

But I stayed calm

I told him Mark would be home at noon
They could settle up
 He said he would be back then to paint the doors and talk with Mark

He never showed


Mark and I thought we would send him a check for the balance, minus the $200 for painting the door
Of course we would pay him for the door
We are not those kind of people to short others what is due
We were gonna send it certified mail, so we would know he received it

Then today, guess what the mail woman brings us?
A certified letter from Jeff
With a bill
A very padded bill
He nickle and dimed us for every paint stroke folks
He wants an additional $3000

He built 1 wall and painted 4 rooms

Mark is calling him
I wanted to
But I would tell him to
F**K OFF!!!
And probably a few other choice words

I will let you know what happens...

On other news.... I need to clarify my needs for Mark's birthday
His birthday is next week
The BIG 4-0
He will be out of town on the actual day
We are going to Dallas the following weekend
So he will get to celebrate with his friends
I need ideas on what to get him
And should I do a dinner the night before he goes out of town
Or wait until we get home?
Mostly what to get....

And ya'll are all so funny with the "have a party, invite the old folks"
"make it early"
I totally live in the old folks cove

But Mark's about to be old too!!!


Dee Stephens said...

WOWZERS!! I would F--ing pissed too! I've had this sort of shit happen to me in the past too. Two words.. Pre-paid Legal..
As for the 40th. Maybe make one of those shutterfly albums for him with pictures of the boys? And..dinner with a sitter at home with the boys?

BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

Oh my goodness ... hope it turns out ok. But what a pain in the butt. I was going to say Mark is OLD in my last comment! I have no idea what to get him - what about OU tickets for the OU/Texas game in Dallas? Or Cowboys tickets - but then again if they start off having a bad season he may want to scrap them like last year!

Sassafrass Jane said...

THAT SUCKS! We're having problems even FINDING a contractor right now. Why are they all so flaky? Seriously!
Men are the hardest to buy things for. Tony loves shutterfly books of our vacations for our coffee table. Or just a sexy date night! Let me know what you come up with...I'm horrible.

The Soladay Family said...

Contractors...not all...but most...are shady, flighty, all of the above. So very sorry about this. I would be livid.

What about a night away at a hotel for the 2 of you? Tickets to a sporting event always works too!

Anonymous said...

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