Friday, August 6, 2010


Someone please call CPS

You be the judge

I mean look at those smiles
This can't be wrong

At least Connor has on a helmet
Safety first my friends

My dad has a hand on the back of this 4 wheeler
This one is my nephew's so it is a bit smaller
These (above) pictures were from last visit to my folks

 This one was pretend driving
It was so hot this past week, not much riding took place

But the rest of the visit was great
My parents met us half way on Sunday and took the big boys
Then Christian and I flew in Wednesday night
Mark met us half way again on the following Sunday to pick us up
And truth be told
we could have stayed another week
But my niece and nephew had to start school this week 
so home we went

Enjoy these photos from our visit....

Christian's first plane ride
He did great

He is always happy at moms and pops house

Moms and the big boys made several special treats
 in the kitchen

Had some sprinkler time
And did it country style too
Connor had put his clothes back on
but got back into the sprinkler
And Colton of course
took his off

It was so hot 
that when I would go outside
my camera lens would fog up

Pops and the big boys
(including my nephew Thomas)
would fly the airplane
Pops gave Connor an un-operable "bamote" control
Con had a blast flying

They ran themselves out after dinner as long as
a grownup could stand the heat
They all slept well every night

Moms and Colton did mani-pedis
I totally make him take off the polish before we headed back to OKC
Mark would not have found it so cute
Moms and Pops got lots of 2 on 1 time with Colton
Connor spent the night with Aunt Sissy most evenings
He is certainly not one of those kids that gets homesick
or misses his mamma 
(and yes it's mamma, that's what he calls me lately)

Granny and Christian

Me and Tommy
The best BIL EVER

All the grand kids


starnes family said...

Your blog looks great!

Four wheelers scare the hell out of me, but I rode them as a kid and LOVED every second.

BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

Cute pics - love seeing your Mom and Granny #2 with the boys! Glad the trip was fun!

FROGGITY! said...

they sure look happy... haha... i remember riding the 3 wheeler with my dad... no helmet! safety first indeed.

such great pics.

Dee Stephens said... loved 4wheelers and 3 wheelers growing up. All my cousins had them when we went to visit Arkansas..
BUT..I was BANNED from them as far as my Dad was concerned.
I would get grounded if he even found out I was 'about' to get on one.
He thought and still thinks they're dangerous. I think they're fun..but with helmets ;)