Monday, August 30, 2010

As Promised

Round 1
House Photos

The kitchen

It started off a dark redish-burgundyish color
Ceiling included
I knew the shade of green I wanted
Stole it from my sister 
And have had it in my 2 previous houses 
The ceilings in this entire house are a cream color
Not white
But it fits
So I had them painted the cream in here as well
But it blended too much with the green
So we changed the ceilings in here and the half bath
to white
Not sold on it
But nothing I can do about it now
I love the granite counter tops
But my favorite part is
The 2 windows behind the sink
Such gorgeous views
And the good part is there are already some iron plant hangers mounted
So as soon as it cools off
I will hang some
I figured it was useless to even attempt to keep something alive over the last month
This is the window behind the kitchen table 
It makes me feel like I am in a tree house
From the side and back of the house-
the kitchen is actually the 2nd level
Thanks to the basement
So you get to see the middle of trees
Instead of just the trunks
Better view of that window
I am going to have to get Allison to do a valance
I feel like it needs something to draw the eye up

This kitchen just screams country house to me
So I have become obsessed with 
Never in my wildest dream
would I have like a rooster
Go Figure

The boys have taken to eating at the counter

These fun stools help
(sorry sideways picture)
We have 2 sets of bar stools
But we needed counter height
Picked these up at Target
I am almost 34 29 years old
and still shop at Target for furniture
I have worked for many years at Pottery Barn
Trust me-the exact same stool there is no better
and more than double the price

Views from the deck right off the kitchen

We put our picnic table on the other porch
But I may move it 
(when I get some outdoor seating for that side)

The half bath used to be a scary orange color
We did get that painted before the contractor ran off
And on that...
Dee reminded me I had not updated the status
We paid him only what we owed him
Mark handled the situation

I only have one photo of the family room
Because to picture more 
I would have to clean it
The mantel and space above remain empty
I have NO idea what to put there
This paneling that I HATE
is really throwing me off
The curtains need to be changed
That is on the list of things to buy
There is a wall of shelves with a desk
4 windows
And double glass doors that go to the back yard

I miss having an open floor plan
It is not good for entertaining
But we don't know anyone, so it works out
I love cooking in the new kitchen
But it is a bit harder to keep an eye on the boys
Can't leave the 2 big ones alone for a split second
Or someone is bruised or scratched

More pictures to come
But send the decorating ideas my way


Amy Sumner said...

If you HATE the paneling, paint it to lighten it up. It will completely change the look of the room.

If the shoe FITZ said...

yes...paint the paneling
love the window seat in the kitchen.
i have seen some really cute rooster stuff that I even considered it too!

BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

Why would someone put that paneling up there? Dumb! It's looking good so far cous!

starnes family said...

I think the paneling could be fabulous. Google ideas and consult Coco/Allison. Maybe Vintage Funky, too. I'm thinking you could paint and make it really cool.....if you're willing to go over the wood.

Great house, Jann.

Dee Stephens said...

I need to get back on the decorating bandwagon. I need drapes in a big way and need to get A to do some for me too.
As for the roosters. I just can't do it.
Reminds me of Arkansas :(

Carrie Darney said...

Love the house! I am not creative so I am not going to give any advise...

LOVE your trees...I miss big trees...

you've done a great job!!

The Soladay Family said...

Love your house! I especially love the window over the sink and all the trees.

I agree with Casey on painting the wood around the fireplace. You could also have a mantle built or actually order a premade one. I know...Are any of your trees money trees?

FROGGITY! said...

you did a GREAT job!! it looks awesome. i am not one to ask about decor. but the above suggestions sound lovely. go you!

Louis Vuitton Rayures Clutch said...

hey so nice boy love them ..

Coco said...

Just paint the paneling and I have TONS of good ideas for your mantle that are fun, easy, different and CHEAP.

Love you kitchen.

Allison better be making my curtains before yours.