Thursday, August 26, 2010

Connor Lou

Rulz the School
Well maybe not yet
But I know it won't be long
Before he is the leader of the pre-k kids

He was ready for the first day
Not so much about excitement or something new
But I think he craves activity
And being on his own some
And routine
(He totally gets that from me)

We, of course, took the first day photos

Showing his 4

He picked out all his things
his clothes, which are always a bit scary to me
(I feel you CoCo)
And his backpack-Star Wars
(don't know where that comes from, we have never watched it)
And his lucnhbox-SpiderMan
which we don't get to use since we are on half days
And all his supplies
which are actually for the classroom, not him personally
Try explaining that to a 4 year old

Colton could not be left out
Thank goodness his backpack is nearly empty
It's as big as he is

The first day the parents walked the kids in
We stayed for a couple of songs and then were asked to leave
No worries from my boy
He told me I did not have to go in with  him
"I remember where my room is"
Nice-but I'm still going

I watched him walk in and go straight to playing
I smiled that big proud smile
I was not sad or over emotional
When the parents were being swooshed out
I saw others shedding tears
and thought "weaklings"
just kidding
Sort of
Some of the kids were throwing fits
Not my boy 

But that afternoon as I sat in the carpool lane
40 minutes before school gets out
Cause that's when these freaks of moms with nothing better to do
start lining up
And I watched him walk out of the building in a straight line
with his class
And that huge bag on his back
And the little baby face with red cheeks from playing on the playground
And tired eyes from no nap
I realized how far we had come
Even though it is only pre-k
It is definitely weird seeing him at the elementary school
This is a big deal
My baby, my first born
Is doing stuff all by himself
Extra sad to me since he is talking about moving
He wants his own house 
With his own living room
With his own TV
Yeah, his words folks

So it's been 5 days of school
Don't know what they are doing
Now I realize I am getting my information from a 4 year old
But they haven't done any letters yet
Or writing or reading
They haven't "even used my school supplies yet"
Is this what public school gets you?

I am finally getting Colton and Christian to rest some
OK, twice, but it's a start
The bad part is I have to wake them up to leave for carpool
But it's better than nothing
And we still get a decent bedtime
So maybe we can adjust after all

My middle name is Autumn
Always hated it growing up
Not so bad now
But I think it is a pretty unusual name
Connor has 2 Autumn's in his class

It's about that time....
Let's see how today goes


BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

Chatty did pre-K at our public school and they sent tons of stuff home. Ask the teacher! So funny he wants to move into his own house. Chatty wants to marry the neighbor and live in the neighborhood - maybe with us! Maybe I need to send her to your house for awhile! School is good for them - glad my little Cous is doing so well! Weird about the Autumn's - maybe folks around there get busy in the spring????

Dee Stephens said...

hysterical about him wanting to move out! Even funnier about chatting wanting to marry and live in the hood!! LOL!
Our nephew Reed started Pre-K this year and SIL cried :-(
He sounds independent!

Carrie Darney said...

I am SOO impressed! Way to go! I have been so emotional this week reading all the going to school blog posts...I have 2 or 3 years left and I'm already a wreck. AND he has been in daycare his whole life. Something about BIG school...

starnes family said...

I'm dying laughing over here. I posted earlier about our carpool lane incidents, the second of which includes me showing up 45 minutes early. Awesome.

NayNay said...

I can't believe Conner is so grown up either! I still remember that little round headed baby that you would bring to meet us for lunch at Empress! Seems like yesterday for sure.

The Soladay Family said...

I am so with you on the moms freaking showing up in the carpool lane 1 effing hour early. Really?

That is so wonderful that Conner is so independent. Really, it is. He's obviously a well adjusted kid who feels good about himself. That's awesome!