Friday, August 13, 2010

Mamma the Explorer

We have been trying to explore our new town
Avoid a heat stroke
Pass the time
The last full week of summer
for Connor anyway

We went to Norman, about 30 miles south
to check out the Sam Noble Museum
AKA dinosaur museum

It is a pretty neat place
And for $5 for just me to get in
We will certainly return

There was an area on dinosaur's
And a section on Native American Indians
Another area was insects and other animals
I don't really remember
By this point I was chasing the big ones
And holding the baby
And pushing the stroller with my big toe
It was they're first "non childrens" museum
And I think they had a pretty good time
The fourth area of the building is where they
rotate exhibits 
(I am guessing)
They currently had chocolate
I really wanted to look in there but I had to poop
So we had to leave
I did read they are having a "class" one night next week
about pairing chocolates with wine

Next month, it's fire fighters
So guess who's going back???
That's right, 
Mamma the Explorer

We have also been checking out some local parks
We have a great swing set in our own yard
But I am hoping to run into some other moms
Catching a little fresh air in the early morning
Before the sun melts us

Hasn't happened yet
Meeting moms, not melting
Although we have come very close to melting
Guess what we are calling this park?
The Rocket Ship Park
Damn, ya'll are smart

Tried to make the boys pose for a couple of pics

It will probably be a few years before that works out again

Hope all is well!!


Sassafrass Jane said...

I'm glad to hear someone else rushes out of places because they have to poop. I thought Coco and I were the only ones (who have admitted, at least).
I can't believe you got a pic of all of them looking! So cute! You've got your hands full, Mamma the Explorer!! :)

Amy S said...

You are too funny!

Tommy Bell said...

I climbed, played and slid down a rocket slide like that when I was a little kid. Brings back a lot of childhood memories to to be the first off the school bus to get to the rocket before all my friends. What great fun it was; but the rocket slide I played on was in Memphis, TN.

starnes family said...

Love Mama the Explorer. Embrace where you live! The theme park in OKC looks cute. We pass it on 35 en route to Texas.

The rocket ship park looks awesome!

If the shoe FITZ said...

pushing the stroller with your big toe!

BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

Good for you - can't wait to hear about all the moms you meet while you are melting in the OK sun!