Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lordy Lordy

Look Who's 

This crazy guy

The man of my dreams

The love of my life

My baby daddy

My hubby

Happy Birthday Babe!!!
I love you more today than yesterday!
I hope your birthday is wonderful and you get everything you want....
but you better behave in your hotel room!

We celebrated, family style, on Sunday since Mark is traveling this week. He grilled steaks and we sang the ol' HB song to him and had cheesecake. We gave him a power washer (hey got keep the old people active ya know) and some OU crap stuff. 

He is so very lucky that I like older guys. And how fortunate is he to be with a never aging 29-ish year old?! He should really count his blessings.

On a side note...
Went back to Connor's school today to drop off supplies and learn the routine of his new pre-k class at the elementary school. Yesterday we were there for over an hour standing in several lines to get his class assignment. I feel much better about the teacher and aide today. But most of the sweet,snugly stuff is gone that we experienced in preschool last year. I guess that is normal? He is very excited and ready to make new friends so he can go to their house for dinner and play a little bit afterwards. His words, all of it, not mine! I am sad and worried and many emotions.
He is the afternoon session (they go only half days here for pre-k and k), so it will be quite the adjustment for us all. He usually has quiet time during his new school hours and I will have to adjust the little boys' naps. But we will figure it out., might take a couple of weeks but we'll get there. 

More tomorrow on the big first day!


BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

Hope tomorrow goes smoothly for you! I am sure it will for Connor. So cute that he is excited to meet new friends!! Hope Mark had a great birthday!!

starnes family said...

Hoping for a good tomorrow, too.

Happy birthday, hubs!

Jake & Delila said...

That was our PreK experience last year too (at Teddy Bear Junction, NOT Infinite Bounds). It was all business and no coddling. It took me a while to get used to it. Jake didn't really seem to notice. Figures;p