Monday, August 30, 2010

Get Your Kicks


While Mark went exploring in Las Vegas this weekend
The boys and I went exploring OKC

I did not realize how close we are to Route 66
The ol' Mother road is so close to us
In fact,
the next major street over from the one we live off of

I thought the boys might enjoy being on a section of road
where Lighting McQueen drove
Not so much
They did not quite get the relation

But that's ok
I did

Our first stop
Just a few miles down the way
A little store called POPS
That is floor to ceiling pops
as in 
I thought this was going to be a little bit more of a gift shop
And I was wanting a Route 66 sign for the boys bathroom
But it is actually just a gas station and diner
Cute though
Connor was more intrigued with the 30+ motorcyclist hanging out in the  parking lot

We did manage to find a hat for our Pops
and some drinks to try

Remember these
Should have got some to send to Casey

Here's another cute one
We did not buy this kind

Places like this remind me of my dad (pops)
I think he gave me my love for exploring
and learning about places
Even though it's just a stupid gas station
I can now say 
been there, done that
I drove on the little Oklahoma section of the Route 66
Had a sod-e pop to prove it
(And yes, that's sod-e not soda pop)
You gotta say it the right way
So here's our 6 pack and the Pops hat we got for my dad
So dad if your reading this
couple of examples of what we got

In my research I found Route 66 park in OKC
Suppose to be one of the biggest parks in the city
We left the gas station with that as our destination
Apparently I did not read the map very well

It's a good thing I'm cute
Seriously totally misread the directions on this one

So we went with plan B
A park down the street that we had not been to yet
And do you notice anything?
That's right....
See they do exist in OK
My boys still found the dirt more fun
We didn't stay long
I had used up most of our time driving around looking for
the other park
It was getting hot
And close to lunch time
And Christian was tired
(my poor baby is covered in a rash and ran a fever most of last week)

Saturday night I did some more research 
and studied the map a bit closer
so we could find this park Sunday morning

So off we went
We drove and drove
The highway was getting less and less crowded
Pretty soon we were the only car
Then the exits were further and further apart
Since I am not a believer in texting or surfing the net
while driving
I kept saying next exit I will pull over
and look it up
Then I would see a road/exit name that looked familiar
OK one more exit I would tell myself
Then the road ended
It is suppose to be on a lake
Hadn't seen any water
Or people driving by pulling boats
Once the highway ended 
I made my way around a bit
Heart pounding slightly in my chest
I hate being lost
Finally a sign!!!

So after more than 35 minutes of driving
We found it
A cute park
Another thing to cross off my list
But nothing special for that crazy drive

We did walk around and feed the ducks some cheerios
Until these guys got stingy
And started chasing us
My stroller could not go fast enough
We must have looked like fools running from those damn ducks
I wish I could have photographed that

We played the rest of the afternoon
I did doze on the couch a bit
Kind of sad when your just laying there
And then you hear
"mommy wake up"

My weekend ended like this
And because I did not pick it up
My Monday started just like this too
What are playrooms for


If the shoe FITZ said...

i am just picturing you running from the ducks!! ha

I have 5 or so Fitz soda bottles in our house!

Carrie Darney said...

What a fun trip! Glad you found that cute park..

I'm with you on the mess...Our house looked like an episode of Hoarders this weekend...and we didn't care. We got it back in shape last night, but just because it was becoming a health issue...

BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

Nice cous! I don't think i could have slept with the toys everywhere - you know me and my OCD!!

Dee Stephens said...

Love exploring new places too! Good for you getting out with all 3 boys by yourself!
Ah..Route 66..
When I lived in Vegas my Mom and I drove to the Grand Canyon and part of it was on Route 66. My mother was beyond excited! It was sort of cool.