Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mother Nature

Yesterday's morning was perfect
Pure Perfection
A gorgeous shining sun
A cool breeze
70 degrees
My kind of morning
So we headed to the zoo before school

While it only got up to 85 yesterday
It was still very warm
20 degrees cooler than the last month
So I am not complaining
But the morning
aaahhh, love

So could fall be knocking?
Not yet,
It is due to be back up in the 90's tomorrow
But it was refreshing to be out
Good for the soul
Not just the weather
But to see so many other moms and toddlers
And a few dads, too
There is life in OKC

I heart fall
The spring like temperatures in the beginning
The cool, crisp air
The gorgeous colors
I am ready!

I will not bore you with more animal pictures
But I must say the playground at the OKC zoo
is worth the cost of our membership
We had not ventured over to it in our previous visits
But we will never miss it again
(this photo is only about 1/4 of it)
I wish I could have run through it more
But baby in the arms and all...

We did go check on Big Mamma, the gorilla
she was sitting in the same spot
Looking sad and unloved

So I tried to make a friend yesterday
Not sure if I feel like a schoolgirl or someone in the dating scene
But I for sure feel like a dumbass
There was a mom in the playground with 3 kids the same age
She was sitting on the bench holding the baby
So Christian and I moved in next to her
I asked her about the baby, the big boys
Where she lived
Told her about Connor's school
How we just moved here
I tried to introduce my boys to her boys
I felt like I was dropping all kinds of lines
With no bite
Do you ask for digits?
Invite them over?
How does this work??


Had the dining room carpet cleaned yesterday afternoon
Not just cleaned 
but the PURT process
That's pet urine removal treatment from chem dry
Oh yeah, 6 weeks into this place 
And the dogs have turned that room into a piss pot
I don't know if they (one of them really) are mad 
Or marking territory
The previous owners did have dogs also
When the guy showed up 
He told me he had been here before

We have been blaming this one

Every time we would find a mess
He would run away with his tail tucked between his legs

This one

 would walk around like she owned the place
Then I caught her red handed
She still looked at me like 
"wasn't me"
So Frisco has been wrongly accused
I wonder if that is the case for the past 6 years?

Marky Mark is out of town this week
He should be home tonight
But leaves tomorrow for VEGAS
 fantasy football ya know
I have to figure out what to do with the masses for the weekend
Ideas anyone??

If heaven can smell like my babies breath and feet
I better straighten up my act

It's been quiet for way too long
Better check on the boys
Plus that laundry ain't gonna wash itself


Dee Stephens said...

poor Frisco!! wrongly accused :(
I know the feeling about finding friends. Been there..done that..several times.
VEGAS!! Wow! you're a great wifee!

BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

Yeah not sure what advice to give you cous ... told you he should have taken the job here! JK! If she didn't get the clues - move on, there are other people out there. Hope the dogs get their acts together ... that is a pain. We used to have a cat that did that! Can you imagine how well that went over with my OCDness?