Monday, August 23, 2010

Good Friends and Great Parties

Well I survived the drive down to Dallas with a carload of boys
We got stuck on I35 for over an hour thanks to a nasty wreck
I made it to the MIL's house just in time to drop the boys off
And head to the airport to pick up Mark

Saturday morning the big boys and I went to the Galleria to meet our besties
Ilan, Castel, and mamma Bethany
I, of course, forgot my camera this weekend
So I only had the camera on my phone
Got a couple pics of the big brothers here 
But was too busy visiting to take photos

Aaghh, look at those loving bros
Ok, so they are probably just fighting
But roll with it folks


After our playdate we took attempted to take a rest
Before heading to Ben's 4th birthday party
It was at Infinite Bounds in Plano
where Connor had his party last year

For any of you Dallas dwellers
Best party place EVER!!!

Connor  went home with Ben for a sleepover that night
He is still tired
I guess they were good
Sam (Ben's mamma) said they were
Would you tell if they weren't?
I don't know if I would

That night we went out with friends to celebrate Mark's 40th
And our BFF Amy's 40th
I will share photos from that adventure later
I am going to have to get pictures from Amy
since I am the dummy who forgot the camera

Sunday before we headed back to OKC
We celebrated our nephew Carson's 2nd birthday

Look at that cutie

We did a little swimming 
I now totally understand how/why the kids swim like fish
Casey has mentioned here her little ones are now swimming with no floaties
And Cindy's kids were born with gills
Mine are a little more cautious
And haven't been in a pool since we moved
But 10 minutes in the pool alone with their daddy
My goodness
It was like night and day
They were jumping, going under (on purpose)
and swimming (with their floaties) all over the pool

Nanny had her 5 grandsons over 
My SIL and I decided next year we will drop the 5 boys off
and just go
get in the car and go
5 boys from 5 months to 4 years
Could you imagine if we lived closer
Connor, Colton, Carson, Christian, and Kyle
If Nanny could not handle it
No worries
Christian could watch baby Kyle

I think Carson enjoyed his cake
He dug all the blue icing off
Isn't that the best part of little one's birthday parties
Watching them destroy the cake

And just for fun
My boys


BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

Didn't you know we are related to Nemo? By osmosis - from watching it so many times!! Bring the boys out here and we will show them how to grow their gills too~ Glad you all had fun and got there and back safely!

Dee Stephens said...

WOW!! That's a herd of boys! They are going to be TROUBLE when they get older. Can't even imagine!! Love the name Carson.. all C's all the time :-)

starnes family said...

I can't believe you successfully got them all to lay down for those pictures. Well done!

Sassafrass Jane said...

There's a lot of boy in this post!! Love the last one- matching cuties.

NayNay said...

What fun! Ramsay & Meagan got caught in that traffic jam on I35 too, they had spent the night with friends in Edmond on way home from vaca. Ya'll could have switched up, Mallory would have loved the boys!
Really enjoying your blogs, you are getting quite good at it.

The Soladay Family said...

Love the pic of all the boys in a circle!! Sounds like a great weekend! You deserved it!