Monday, August 9, 2010

Movie Night and A Day of Dates

Decided to have family movie night on Friday
I had recorded Ratatouille and we had yet to watch it
So we picked up a pizza 
and popped some popcorn
and had a good night

Hello Cheek-y

My sweet, precious Colton is certainly in the 
Between that and the new baby brother
and daddy being gone for 6 months and
the move here
and our lack of a schedule during summer....
he is not sleeping well and biting
and just being a holy terror

So I thought a little one on one time would be nice

I gave him 3 choices
the dinosaur museum, putt-putt, or the zoo
and in that order
I was really pushing the (indoor) museum
But my boy choose the zoo

We enjoyed the water feature in the children's section 
just the 2 of us
barefoot and holding hands thru the running stream

We saw some other mommy's and babies

Then we went to visit our gorilla Big Mamma

There she is looking sad as usual
Wonder why we call everyone "Big Mamma"?
Anyway, the zoo keeper was there taking her notes on the gorillas activities
And we got to learn some little tidbits about our friend

BM is actually 47 or 48 years old and came from Africa
She is the mother of 8 and nursed all her babies
That explains the droopy boobs and sad face
She is the grandmother of the youngest one (6) in their living area
Gorillas in captivity live to around 50
She had her last baby at 41, which is very late in Gorilla years
The zookeeper also said Big Mamma was a very good name for her

So there is your animal lesson for the day folks!!!

Who took all the leaves from the bottom branches

So our time together at the zoo was nice
and HOT
and short

We headed to Chic-fil-A for lunch and were still home by noonish for nap

That afternoon Mark and Connor went to the movies
and then they camped out in the basement that night

As much as I love family time and always want to encourage group activities
The boys really thrive when they are seperated
Perhaps I have treated them more like twins than I should have?
If you ask Colton how old he is
He will tell you 4
And he believes it

Sunday we all went to try the "best" Mexican restaurant in town
We don't typically go to non-fast food places with all of us
Not that our boys are bad
They use table manners and we try to time it right
But it is often a beating
I know some of you other moms know what I am talking about
As the mom, you don't really get to enjoy the food or being served
You have to keep knives out of the way
or drinks from being spilled
or feed babies
or make sure food gets into the right tummies

But it was GREAT food
and everyone was truly on their best behavior
The best part....
it is literally right down the street
Well worth the effort

So there was my weekend
Life with Boys
is fun
(most of the time)


BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

Glad it is getting better. Colton's little cousin Bia is a holy terror at 3 ... maybe we can ship them off somewhere together!

Dee Stephens said...

Good times for sure! Love the boys chairs!