Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Things to do

I really wanted to take the boys to the arboretum today to enjoy some fresh air. But boy it is COLD! I guess we will have to go another day. I really thought the cold front was coming later in the week. I know in cold climates a temperature of 49 must feel like a nice spring day but for a southern girl... that is just darn chilly. Maybe if I went out in the afternoon it would be better. Unfortunately that does not fit into our time frame. I remember when Mark and I were Ireland the parks were full of moms and kids even in the pouring down rain. Just like with the cold climate dwellers, you stick a hat on the kiddos and keep going. Yesterday (in the beautiful weather) we went to Barnes and Noble to play with the trains because that is what Connor wanted to do. Well I just screwed myself because that would have been a great entertainment today.

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