Monday, January 12, 2009

This weekend

I realize it has been several days since my last post. I am not sure what my excuse is or should be, other than not much has been going on here. I am such a bore, huh? I have been fighting this stupid cold for 2 weeks now and it is continuously getting worse. The bad news is Colton is now snotty as well. If I am real lucky I can keep Connor from catching it too.
Mark finally arrived home from his 8 day trip on Thursday night just in time to watch that HORRIBLE football game. We won't even talk about that. Mark took the day off on Friday. Yes, an actual day off. The boys certainly loved having the extra time with him.

Oh, here is something great. I worked this weekend, that is not the great part. I work at Pottery Barn mainly for the generous discount. Well over the holidays the company gave us 40% off sale items (normally we only get 20% off of clearance) so I bought several things just because they were cheap. The promotion ended this weekend and I felt like I just needed to purchase a few more useless pieces just for the bargain. It just so happens that Pottery Barn is changing something about the Chesapeake outdoor collection for next season, so all the current Chesapeake went super cheap!! For anyone who shops Pottery Barn you know that this outdoor collection is a staple that is quite expensive and has been around for years. Anyway, we don't keep this merchandise in the store, especially in the off season, but it is on this list that we can order from. I got a chaise lounge with the cushion and a picnic table with 6 chairs (normally this would cost over $1000) for just over $200. I was so proud of my bargain. MARK WAS NOT. He also did not understand why I was so excited about the $44 bathroom trash can that I got for $6. Do you know how great it feels to get a deal? Is it just a girl thing or what? Normally Mark teases me because it costs him money for me to go to work since I spend far more than I make. But this time I think it worked out fair.

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