Thursday, January 1, 2009

Colton's 1st Birthday

My little baby boy is 1. How does a mom process those emotions? It is such a bitter-sweet feeling. I am so excited to see him grow and learn and figure things out. At the same time I am so saddened to not have a baby anymore. My only saving grace is he still doesn't walk, so I can savor the needing to be held and carried a while longer. OK, enough crap about's about Colton.

We were still at moms and pops house for Christmas, so we had his party there. The family came over to celebrate with him on his big day. Sissy made the fire truck cake for him. Isn't it great?! Thanks Sissy!!! The cake had a lot of red and black icing, which made for a very messy little boy. He loved it! I think there is still black up his nose.

He got lots of toys and clothes, but his favorite gift of all had to be the character towels. He giggled so loud pulling those out of the bag. Connor loves them just as much. He has already claimed the lion for himself.

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