Monday, January 26, 2009

somewhere special

Do I know my son or what. I did not even have Connor buckled up before he was saying he wanted to go somewhere special. I gave him a choice between the mall and the bookstore. He chose the mall. Of course as we were pulling into the mall he was screaming for the bookstore, but it all turned out OK. We went to Collin Creek Mall (it is actually the closest one to us now) and I am renaming it as my new favorite. It has great stores, a decent play area, and most importantly it is nearly empty!! The boys played for quite a while. Colton had his first real experience sliding. He did it over and over and over. I put a video on here (well hopefully it will work) that is cute but truly does not do Colton's sliding justice. I also took the boys into the Disney Store for the first time. Not quite sure why I have avoided that store like the plague, but not anymore. Connor was in heaven!!! I called Mark immediately to let him know we will be planning a trip to Disney World/Land in the near future. He wanted it all and had to tell me about every character. I bought him a Lighting Qeen (lightning mcqueen) shirt. I had to beg him to take it off so I could wash it.

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