Friday, November 7, 2008


As soon as we got up this morning, Connor was acting "special". I knew by 8am that I might need a mommy break. So after I dropped Connor off at school, I took Colton to daycare for a couple of hours. I needed to go to Target and finalize my Christmas list. As I was walking the toy isles snapping pictures of all my favorits (and their price tags), I realized that all the toys I liked were for Connor. Poor Colton is such a neglected child, with hand-me-downs! So all you mommies, aunts, and god-mothers out there if you have suggestions for the 2nd child please email them to me.

When I picked Connor up from school, I could tell almost immediately that he either did not nap or nap well because he was still being "special". So I thought a trip to the park might help burn off some energy. The boys ran (and crawled) around for over an hour. Colton certainly loves to swing. I even managed a tunnel slide....mental note....must start diet right away because my butt is about 1 inch away from getting stuck!!!

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