Sunday, November 9, 2008

November 8 and 9

Well my first weekend to blog about, and wouldn't you know...we did NOTHING!!!! We had our usual Saturday, Mark and Connor go to the gym while Colton and I do errands. This weekend was "Neath the Wreath" at the Plano center, a Christmas bazar put on by the Junior League every year. We met Amy there and now I can say I have officially started Christmas shopping. It is so hard for me to get in the spirit when we are still in short sleeve shirts!! That night Darren and Amy came over for a friendly game of Dominoes. But I have to say I WON!!!!!

Sunday was just as low key. I went to have lunch with Linda and Amy. Then Mark went to watch football with the boys. Connor and Colton played in the backyard for quite a while. Connor wanted to bury Precious in the "wood chips" (mulch). And take a look at the picture of Frisco. Is that the face of a GUILTY dog or what?? He knows he is not suppose to be in the play area.

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Elaine Dow said...

Jann, What a wonderful idea. I understand the "special" boys and the neglected 2nd child. You are doing a great job as mother, wife, and friend. We are all blessed to know you! :) Elaine