Tuesday, November 11, 2008

November 11

The funny thing is, when you begin to write about your life and your daily activities, you realize just how boring you actually are. "Boring" may not be a fair word because there is certainly never a dull moment with 2 little boys, but there is just not always fun things going on. I have started thinking "who wants to read about this" or "I just yelled again (can't blog about that)". It is truely an eye opening experience. Now I am not promising FUN TIMES everyday, but I will try to keep this interesting....maybe if there is enough pictures to look at no one will pay that much attention to the words?!

Well it rained all night here so that makes for wet playgrounds. Of course Connor does not mind playing in the mud or sliding down slides and landing in a puddle of water, but there is no where good for Colton to crawl. So we decided to meet some friends at the mall, our good ol' faithful outing (see I told you we were boring). Both boys love to play in the bookstore where there is a Thomas the Train table set up. Today was also storytime. Connor loves to read but if he is not in the mood to be read to.....forget it, he is not sitting still. So after playing in the play area and eating lunch, he rode the carousel. WOW!!! That was fun. Watching his face every time he circled around was great. So I will be storing that in the back of my head of things to reward with for good behavior. Both Connor and his friend, Ilan, came running off the carousel to tell me all about it and how they needed to go again. I love it!!!!

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aunt joan said...

great idea! i love the pictures. since we don't get to see you guys very often, it's nice to be able to see how things are going. hope to see you soon. love, aj