Wednesday, November 19, 2008

So I realize that I have not posted in a week, but to be fair, I have had a very ill child. The first day Connor was sick, I thought I would be able to take advantage of the lack of activities (trust me you would not want to see pictures of what I have been doing) and show off some of my older favorite pictures. However, Connor needed me for more important holding. That made up for all the "messes" I have cleaned up over the past 5 days.

Tomorrow, we are going to take a risk and get on an airplane headed for Memphis to visit Moms and Pops and the rest of the family (you're equally important just too many names to type). I always think that when I am there I will have more down time since there are so many extra eyes on Connor and Colton, but it never works out that way since I like to catch up with everyone too. Anyway, I will try to blog while I am there!!!!

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