Thursday, November 27, 2008

1st haircut

The day before Thanksgiving, normally a day of cooking and cleaning and of course the last minute Kroger-ing for most people. For the Lenzer boys it meant a day for haircuts. Connor was in desperate need of a trim, but for his little brother who has more hair than him, it meant his 1st haircut. Of course, while we there, I suddenly remembered that I wanted to find a new place for haircuts after Connor's last cut because it seems they only know 1 style at this particular great clips....short!!!! (just take a look at the after pictures). Connor, of course, did great. A sucker goes a long way in making a 2 year old sit still. For Colton, it was a different story, probably because he is too young for those darn suckers!! i just felt sorry for the lady trying to cut the hair of an almost 11 month old. He does look cute, even if his hair is WAY TOO SHORT across his forehead. I guess I like the hippie look as Mark calls it. I would attach a video of the haircut if I knew how to get the video of of those stupid little tapes. If anyone knows please email me!!

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