Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Celebration

So it's the day after Christmas
The holiday is over
All the hoop-la has calmed down
All the stresses of
so now what?

Now we relax and enjoy a week with the kids
A week off of work
A week of cleaning up
(wait, is that enjoyable)

From a decorative stand point
I put away the Christmas
and bring out the spring
I don't have winter things

But we still have a couple of months of cold weather ahead
When do you put away all the goodies from the season?
Usually I would do it over the New Year's time
and then go immediately into organization mode
but since we are traveling again...

So onto our Christmas day
Santa came
and left his treats for the boys
It looks so bare 

Colton came out of my parent's room at 6am
He was the first one up

Pillow pets definitely took first place

I had been up half the night with my sweet boy
He fever was sky high
Luckily we had a few moments throughout the day
where he felt ok

The Santa excitement was just all right
But when the unwrapping began
It was a blast
That to me is what it is all about
That's the moment you dream of
as a mom
Colton is the PERFECT age for opening presents
He loved everything
His reaction to getting clothes was classic
"I got new shirt"
"I got new shirt"

He wanted to show everyone each and every thing
Here he is with Granny

Our day was filled with great family
good food
and lots of gifts
We were all very blessed 

We will be celebrating our "middlest" this week
Tomorrow actually
Can't believe he is turning 3
So for tomorrow
lots of cleaning and unpacking
A family lunch
Then I will either buy a gift or take him to the toy store
I know, nothing like being on top of things
Connor loves to go pick out his own gift
Colton changes his mind every day
I am still torn on his party
We had a birthday breakfast this morning before we left the folks house
We will have a family lunch tomorrow
He will have a small gathering in TX this week
And birthday cupcakes at school in another week

He has never had a "real" party
And I want so bad for that
But we don't know that many people
and he is having several mini parties

We are leaving Wednesday for the Big D
Mark may go earlier
His Nana Lou is in the hospital
Lots of prayers for her

In my downtime I need to get my 2010 reflections on paper
Lots of thoughts on this year
and many more on the new one ahead

my Frisco is so tired
He is passed out on the couch and hasn't moved since we've been home

Hope all of you had a very Merry Christmas


Sassafrass Jane said...

Cutie boys on Christmas!! And happy birthday to the big 3 year old! xo
P.s. I vote taking him to a toystore!

starnes family said...

Thinking of Nana Lou. Hope everything is OK.

Don't stress over the parties. I'm sure he'll be loved beyond belief!

BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

Hope you have a safe trip to TX cousin! Sorry I didn't have a chance to call you - prayers for Nana Lou - keep me posted!