Thursday, December 16, 2010

Doctor Reports

Had to go to the doctor today
(well not me, but I drove)
Spider Man

 Christian insisted on squeezing into the photo himself

So first....
let me address the spidey issue
We eat, sleep, and breathe super heros at my house lately
The Batman costume we had for Halloween does not really fit
But good thing this 2 year old SM costume is still in 1 piece
It is worn daily
And often all day long
It doesn't bother me
I think it's rather cute
Mark disagrees
He doesn't really think it should be worn in public
You have to pick your battles
I always say
And clothing is not one fight I choose to have

At least now I know what I think my little man will be receiving for his birthday
that's right....
new costumes

So on to the well check ups
Colton's-3 year
Christian's 1 year

Both are healthy and mostly happy
I can't remember exact numbers
only a few hours later
and this dumbass doctor doesn't write it down for you
(more on that subject in a bit)
Colton was 31-ish pounds?
and 35 inches tall?
I do remember saying 
"you're almost 3 feet tall"
My short boys
Barely in the 20th percentile
Whatever the hell those mean anyway
Got him some new cream for his eczema
poor baby
And he did suggest some benedryl at night if he has been itchy
Gave him some of the pink liquid already tonight
He should be asleep
with in 5 more minutes

Christian was 20 pounds 
and 29 inches
or so I'm guessing
He looked great
But had to get 4 shots
But my trooper
Cries for all of 8 seconds
until I say to him
"it's all over"
And that was it
He was done
Last time he didn't even cry

I really do thank God every day for my healthy boys
My non sleeping, still boob eating, crazy talking, web slinging, fighting over toys
Wouldn't trade 'em for anything
(But I would really really love 1 night's sleep)

Ok so on to the doctor subject
I am not sold on this pediatrician I found here
When we first moved here
I got a couple of names from some moms off of "mamasource"
He was actually the only one who would meet with me
no one would meet you first unless you are prego
He seemed really nice
I mean he is nice, it's not like he's some a-hole
But we come from the BEST doctor
If you live in DFW, any where
he is worth the drive
Dr. Berkowitz of 
Pediatric Specialist of Plano

In fact
I am thinking of making the 4 hour drive myself
Is that stupid
Keep him for well check ups
And find someone here for when the boys are sick?
Is that not letting go of Texas?
Or not embracing OK?

This new doctor
His office is all electronic
He does not walk in with a file
There is no taking notes
He is typing
And he does not give near a thorough exam
I had to ask him to check Christian's balls
He had a cyst when he was a few months old
And the urologist said it could come back
But that our pediatrician would check it and know
Well, you can't know if you don't check
Dr. B always checked that sort of thing anyway
he found the cyst
But today I had to ask
New dr would have known 
had he read Chris' file
The file I paid $25 to have copied
And then gave to him
needless to say
I did not hand over Colton's file

I came in with my list of questions
Like I always do
Because I have to write everything down
Or my little mind tends to forget
Nothing major
Silly things like
How can I get this 12 month old to sleep all night
how can I get this almost 3 year old to 
NOT come into my room at night

The questions you know the answer to 
But love to hear it from a pro

So you know what he says to me
"It'll get better"
If I wanted an answer like that
I would have talked to the hubs

If I had taken that same list into Dr. B's office
I would have left with a plethora of information
Lots of new ideas to try
and a 
"call me in a week if this doesn't work"

Dr. B talks to the kids
For a 3 year check up
He would have been asking
what color is this, how high can you count
that's what I got out of new dr

So I hate to keep taking the boys to new people
I guess I really lucked out with Dr. B
But with in 2 minutes of interviewing him when I was prego
I knew he was the one

I also new with in our first appointment
for Chris' 9 month checkup
that new dr was NOT the one
But I gave him another try
Now I really know

So there is my doctor rant
I feel better now!

On a funnier note
Here is our SC visit photo

We look like such a happy family huh?
He hates being away from me
I secretly like it

Guess where I went today
Go ahead say it out loud
You know the answer
That's right
I needed diapers and cheese
$75 later
$30 covered my 2 needed items
I grabbed very few grocery items to get us through the next couple of days
It costs an arm and freaking leg to eat
Next year I WILL get this under control

That's all I've got for now


The Soladay Family said...

It is so hard to find a good doctor. I had THE best when my first 2 were born, but then he moved his office too far away. finally we have a good one again. I feel your pain.

Preston used to wear his Batman costume EVERY SINGLE DAY. It never bothered me. I'm like you. Pick your battles. They're only clothes.

Love, love that Santa pic. Hysterical.

BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

Love the SC picture! And your Christmas card was too cute!! Love it Cous! If the Dr. doesn't talk to the kids then find a new one. I LOVE ours and I LOVE their practice - we have been there everyday of the week! Awesome staff and our Dr. is goofy with the girls and they love him too! I like the electronic age but I think some things are better left the old way - like taking notes, etc. Go find another one. Call your old practice and see if they recommend anyone in OK.

Amy Sumner said...

If you are not comfortable with the new doc, then definitely find a new one. But don't let the all electronic ways deter you, because they are all going to that (which is super nice when you get to the pharmacy & your prescription is ready & waiting for you instead of the other way around). And no one ever reads your chart before they walk in - believe me!

Dee Stephens said...

Loved your Christmas card too! too cute!
The SC pix is hysterical! keeper fo sho!

starnes family said...

I absolutely loved your card. So precious and very original.

Never had a great any realm, really, so I can't relate, but am sad you are not in love with yours.

Spiderman = fine with me. He'll be wearing many more offensive items soon enough.

Merry Mack said...

Target will get you every time. I hear ya on the doctor. I loved our doctor in Denton, and have mediocre feelings about the one I found in Austin. I am considering taking her to our family doctor because I love her. I hope it gets better. I love the kids dressing up too. Missy Mack has a friend in class who wears a superman shirt every day. The mom is on the hunt for them. She has found three. It is a costume type shirt. Last night we ate at Chilis and Missy Mack had on her PJs from PJ day at school. Whatevs. Cute.