Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Lenzer House happenings

Not much has been happening around here
It was
over the weekend
We stayed in
Except for, of course, the minimum of 2
trips to Target
I went at least once
and Mark made a stop as well
I still need to go back
Out of diapers
yet again
I swear
I should get a job there
I am there more than here
might as well be on the freaking payroll
wonder if they are hiring non seasonal staff
I don't look so good in red though

Any who...
found these little goodies
gingerbread man marshmallows
and they taste like ginger bread

The big boys made edible Christmas Trees
Supplies needed
ice cream cones
green icing
sprinkles or m&m's for decorations

Must have gone twice
Because found these little diddy's on another trip
The photo did not turn out
But they are green tree and pink star marshmallows
They taste normal

So we made s'mores
Notice only Colton made them
Connor was being a complete brat
Yes, I said that
And boy was he ever
But this is a happy post
So I am not going there

Yesterday was Colton's Christmas party at his Monday school
Today we went to see Santa at the mall
I will post that picture later when I can scan it in
Let's just say Christian has MAJOR
separation anxiety

Since the boys were all dressed up
I tried for a couple of photos by the tree 

Notice these sweaters
I bought them 2 years ago for the big boys
pre baby boy
Then last year Colton wore the larger size
Plus I did squeeze them into their original ones for a photo
So this year I am squeezing Colton into the large one just 1 more time
I never spend alot of money on clothes for them
My boys are messy eaters and players
And I am not a good laundress
(At ALL)
And kiddos grow so freaking fast
Plus seasonal things that you can only wear for a few weeks
I LOVE it though when I can get years out of something
Expect to see Christian wearing this another year or 2
(Dang he's cute)

Notice anything about the big boys
Well I kind of hope not
I got a little scissor happy
Connor just got a hair cut
But he has been wanting to wear his hair spiked
I always said I would never put gel in my little boys hair
But here I am
He has bad hair
It's not his fault
But to be spiked up, it needs to be shorter
So I went to trimming
It either still needs to be shorter
or I need some better goop to use

And while I had the scissors out
I decided to get Colton's hair out of his eyes
So it's a bit crooked
But the pro's make it that way all the time
He's 2
He moves A LOT
I don't like his hair short
He got the good hair
I am just not sure how long I want it to be
But I hate it in his eyes

All that cutting reminded me
I have not had my hair did in over 6 months
I have colored it twice
well my mom did
with my drug store color
And next week she'll be doing it again
Since the greys are back
But damn
6 months
that ain't right

This could lead me to a whole other post topic
But, again, since this is a happy time
I won't go there

I have spent the last 3 days sorting legos
I posted this on FB 
and got alot of "why's"
Here is why
I use to be a lego princess
I loved legos
But back in the day legos were a bunch of colored rectangles
you had to use your imagination
not so much
you buy overpriced "kits" 
and make the few items per kit
We have several kits
stored nicely in Ziploc bags
It works out well
unless your 4 year old doesn't put the stuff back into said Ziploc bag
oy vey!

I am pretty sure we are about to get lots more legos
So I have to be on top of this crap


starnes family said...

Every time I log on to your blog I want to pinch Christian. HE IS SO CUTE IN YOUR HEADER PIC!!!!!! Those cheeks....that look he's giving the camera. Love it.

Love the marshmallows! I'll be looking for those.

The Soladay Family said...

Love the pic of your little man standing on the chair. Boys are so much fun!

BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

I like Connor's hair short - but I like short hair and the spikes - super cute! And Christian in front of the tree - priceless!! 6 months is a long time cous! I just got mine done last weekend - it had been 4 months I think and was needing it bad!

Merry Mack said...

Good find on the marshmallows. Smart thinking on the clothes. They look so handsome. Good luck keeping those legos sorted. That is a big job!

Coco said...

Christian is such a little man. Love it.

I hate legos. The end.

Love your tree, love the fire place. Love the color of your walls.

Dee Stephens said...

I've been meaning to comment on the color of your walls too. Nice!