Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Plumber's Crack

Relax. I'm not bent over with my ass crack showing. All though the other night I picked up my phone to find a text from Mark. He had snapped a picture of me while I was bathing the boys, practically mooning him. So instead of the hubs covering my ass (literally) he snapped a photo instead.

I am talking about real plumbers. And how aggravated I am. We have had crap for water pressure in the kitchen since we moved in here. And when you turn it to hot, it gets even worse/less. I told Mark I wanted a plumber for Christmas. It is so hard to even wash dishes, especially since our sink is so deep. So finally he makes it by today at 5pm, after I so patiently waited for 2 hours. He tells me we have some serious hard water which has caused major calcium build up. We need a new hot water heater and the lines flushed. Well, big mamma's NOT getting a new water heater from Santa. He said to flush the WH and lines, it could be several hundred dollars with no guarantee of how long it would last. So I paid him his $89 for his 10 minutes of time and sent him on his way.

And let me just say, I am PISSED!!! I am so freaking mad. I am angry at Mark. And I am angry at this piece of shit house. For the crappy calcium in our lines. I am mad at him. And while every bit of me knows it is not his fault, at all, in any way. I can't help it. I need someone to blame I guess. We could live in a brand new house and it would have issues. I get that. And I am over it know, mostly. Feeling better already just getting my feeling out in this sweet little post.

I will just do my hand washing in the bathroom sink where I can get hot water. I love you, my dear Mark, for giving me this house.

In other news:
Precious has some serious gas. It could be Frisco, but pretty sure it's her.

I think SC has something going on. All of us bloggers seem to be having a problem with our elves. Connor noticed first thing this morning that Mickey was in the same spot. CRAP! I quickly explained it was still night night time because they got up way too early. I think he bought it.

I have my Christmas cards addressed and ready to go. I just need some more stamps. So I am hoping to get them out this weekend-after I can run by the post office and get more-or send Mark. I refuse to drag 3 kids into there.

Christian is crab-by! Not sure if it teeth or what. He is crabby and clingy and snuggly, which makes it all ok.


Momma to the A's said...

Hi Jann!! I have to say this is the first time for me to leave a comment. I am so bad about that! I visited Coco's blog for almost a year before I ever left a message.

So how did I get into this bloggy circle... let's see it is kinda long... I taught with Mrs. Mack 10 years ago and we have been friends since. I found Coco through her and then Casey through Coco. It is so funny how people you never met become so close!

I will email you my info. So glad we are getting to know each other! Your boys are so stinkin cute!!

starnes family said...

I hope you eventually love your house. I do. But, I don't deal with the challenges.

Hang in there, Jann!!!!!!

BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

Love how Mark took a picture of your crack - too funny. As far as the house, do you have a home warranty from when you bought it? I know we did for a year (and then renewed it) after we bought our house and it covered some of those issues. I'd be pissed at Dennis too if it was us in the situation - must run in the family Cous! Love you!!

Dee Stephens said...

I just ordered my cards today! For the past two years I have attempted to get a pix of me, Bud and Brad by the tree but it never happens! argh..
sucky about the water! Water pressure issues tick me off too!