Monday, December 6, 2010

Boy Talk

Connor - My tummy is getting big just like daddy's
 (me-thinking-thank God he did not say like mommy's-score!)

Scene-someone is on the potty (not gonna say who-wouldn't want to embarrass anyone)
Colton-you poopin'?
Someone- uh huh
Colton- you poopin'?
Someone-UH HUH
Colton- it stuck?
Someone- UH HUH
Colton-(bending down) let me check
Someone- that's ok, I can handle it

Connor- Can Mickey (our useless elf) see everything?
Me-of course
Connor-then that means he sees when you yell at me and he's gonna tell Santa

Scene-getting into the car, Connor in the 3rd row mumbling to himself
I think I hear him say something
Me-CONNOR, what did you say?
Me-CONNOR, what did you say?
Connor-(shyly) nothing
Me-I'm going to get mad if you don't tell me what you said
Me-(trying not to laugh)who did you say that to?
Connor-no one
Me-You know that is a bad word right? You should not say it
Connor-I know. How come you say it?
Me-Well sometimes I get mad and say grown up words. I'm sorry, I will not to say it again.
Connor-Well when I'm a grown up and live next door, can I say it
Me-Maybe, we'll talk about it then


starnes family said...

You better be good, Jann! That useless elf is watching.

BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

Nice one Cousin! I have been told we need another useless elf too!