Monday, December 6, 2010


I needed a cute this year photo 
So I decided to go with our old pajamas
I searched and searched for new ones
But that's alright
I forgot I had a third pair from Connor's 1st Christmas

And here is how they really looked
They were size 9 months and 2T
I know, I know
white trash

We have a landing above our door with a huge window
So we added a tree
(and some snow)
to be seen by the 3 neighbors who drive by our house getting to theirs

We also put our tree in the front room to be seen by the same
3 neighbors
Damn, they're lucky
This year it is fine since Christian is very into 
Next year it will be moved
if I get my way
 This also means I had to light and decorate the back of the tree
Since it is in front of 2 windows
I usually leave the back side pretty bare
I left the front bottom section for the boys ornaments
My decor is not tastefully done
It is toddler-y done
Connor hung all of their ornaments
Most of them on 1 branch

Love walking by and seeing my dining table all set
Puts me in the Holiday spirit

The rest of the house is usually a big mess
So it's nice to know 1 room is under control

Shopping is complete
(I think)
Wrapping is halfway done
Christmas stories are being read everynight
Christmas movies watched daily
(ok, mostly just Shrek the Halls)
I have not baked anything yet
Mostly for fear of eating it
I have thought about the Christmas crafts
key word-thought
Haven't done one yet

The diet is going ok
Mark is a very disciplined man
So he has not even breathed anything off the plan
I, on the other hand, have
I have a diet coke daily
A glass of wine every so often
And the occasional bite of the boys food
But I am hanging in there
Dreaming of pizza and cookies
You know, it's not so much the food
Cause I love some vegetables and fish
or anything cooked great
It's the convenience
When you're hungry
or in a hurry
or just not in the mood
It is so much easier to order a pizza 
or grab some nuggets

Mark and I are suppose to go to a dinner tonight for his office
I was expecting him to be home at a decent time to help get the boys ready
We have to take them to drop off day care
He's running late
I am trying to get my ass squeezed into something
myself dressed
And the boys fed, bag packed, jammies ready to go
GOOD TIMES, my friends
ahhh, frustration

Colton starting peeing and pooping in his pants 
(have I discussed this)
Finally a few days ago
Got him back into underwear
Several days with no accidents
Today, made it all day at school
Came home and
Dear God,
HI! It's me Jann
Could you please send me some patience before I go all postal on my family? 
I am not sure how much more I can take
Thank you so much for my 3 beautiful, healthy boys
But enough with the poo

And finally
Christian  has
not one,
not two, 
but three
new teeth
that explains a lot


BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

I hope the party was fun! Your house looks great and Colton will get it soon! Call me if you need me!

Dee Stephens said...

The house does look GREAT! Love the tree on the landing. I want to do two trees one day like my Mom always used to do. Hang in there with the diet! I know how you feel!

starnes family said...

I LOVE your house. Want to see more pictures.

That first picture should be on your Christmas card. Absolutely darling.

The Soladay Family said...

Love that first pic! Cute boys. =)

You are doing it all, Mama.

Decorations look great!