Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Eve

We survived the 500 mile drive to the folks house
moms and pops
always worth it

And before any Internet freak-a-zoids get a crazy idea
I have a bad ass alarm system
and some serious
old lady window watching neighbors
neighborhood watch

We have been to the grocery only half a dozen times
And the doctor once
My sweet baby Christian has been running a fever
and has some nasty green snots

This afternoon we spent our Christmas Eve
bundled up tight 
and riding the 4 wheelers
country life

We ate the traditional meal from when I was a kid
salty ham
AKA county ham
and biscuits and rice
now I am drinking about 2 gallons of water
but it was yummy

2 boys down for sure
waiting on Connor to fall asleep
so SC can come

The boys received a video message each from him today
Con got it
Colton, not so much
Granny read us "Twas the Night Before Christmas"
I tried to get everyone to sing some songs
It didn't work out so well

So tomorrow's the big day
I am always the most excited
I can't wait to see how the boys will react

We are heading back to my sissy's house for lunch
Lots more presents there
Playing with new toys
Probably some more riding through the woods

Sunday morning we are having a birthday breakfast for my middlest boy
Then we are driving home
Monday is Colton's birthday
can you believe it?

Merry Christmas to All
And to all
A good night

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