Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Laundry Day

Well I was going to do some posting
with photos of course
Cause that's how I roll
But my freaking camera is 
yet again

I have two and half snotty boys
Colton is green snotty
Christian has a fever
And Connor is just starting to get stuffy
4 days before Christmas
hours before we travel

The temperature was almost 70 yesterday
Yeah that's right
The day before winter starts
(or was it the first day?)
So I thought what else to do but go to the
So we did
It might have hit 70 yesterday
But it was cloudy
and it was freezing at 9am
I almost thought
"what have I gotten myself into"
But we pushed through
By the time we left it was not so bad

I am finishing the laundry this morning
So I can pack this afternoon
We leave in the morning for
moms and pops' house

dogs and all
should make for a smelly 8 hours

I noticed Colton had been in the bathroom 
a bit too long this morning
I went in just in time
the sink was filled to the rim
That's my boy!
I sure hope 3 is better than 2 for him

We be-headed a wise man this holiday season
I know Mickey, the elf, saw that ball
(that is not suppose to be thrown in the house)
go sailing through the air right into the guy
And he told Santa
I just hope sweet baby Jesus doesn't mind
We super glued his head back on

Since it's after noon now
And I can hear the baby waking up
I guess I better get started on that laundry and packing
If when I find my camera
I will share a couple of pics from the last few days

I must say though 
that I am loving all the Christmas cards
I started hanging them from twine from an entry way into the dining room
But so many of them kept falling
So now they are just piled up
I think it's funny to get cards the week of Christmas from people
Then you think
are they just slow in getting them out
Or did they only send you one because they recieved on from you
You know you keep a couple of extras to do just that with
you know who you are
I'm not gonna sass any names

I will say this about my bloggie friends cards
I loved the letter and photo from the Starnes
any pic of those kids is sure to be great
never can be sure if they will smiling or trying to strangle each other
Of course, Cindy has the cutest girls ever
I'm not partial or anything since they are my cousins
I really loved the heavy cardstock that Allison used
It was beautiful
And any picture involving a wedding dress
ranks high in my book

Merry Christmas to All
I can hear the laundry room screaming at me

1 comment:

starnes family said...

Not going to sass any names! I love it.

Glad you liked the card. And, our sad story. It makes for good entertainment!

Good luck with the drive!