Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Found It

My camera 
(that is)
Right in the car
where I left it
where one of the boys moved it to
I went to upload my pics and I was out of space
google, you suck

So here is some photo overload for your utmost enjoyment
Had several oranges getting soft 
So I thought we would make some fresh squeezed OJ
good thing my boys are little
Because 7 oranges netted us about 2 swallows each

He didn't care

Been doing lots of things lately with 
Spider Man
or Bat Man

Or sometimes both at the same time

He even joined us for Christmas light looking

In TX we always drove through the "Deerfield" neighborhood in Plano
Nearly every house participates
I think you have to agree to it before you can purchase a home in there
Nothing like that out here in OKC
That we are aware of
But we found a few

Some nice tree lined streets

And the Grizwald award goes to this house
(It's all one house folks)

 These pics do not do it justice
nor capture it all
I would hate to have their electric bill

Baked Cindy's mint chocolate chip cookies over the weekend
By myself
My little helpers were misbehaving
I know, un-freaking-believable
So they were sent to their room
to terrorize each other
Christian like them though

Our freezing trip to the zoo yesterday
They are all paying the price today with snotty noses

And my card display
Weaker than ever 
Notice only a few left hanging
I will have to try something different next Christmas

And just in case you were unaware
You can use a 1/2cup measuring cup
to "kill someone dead"
(according to Colton)
Ladies, maybe we should stick one of those under our beds for protection

been meaning to mention
If anyone has ATT U-verse
They have the cutest Christmas channel
with movies, sing-a-longs, read-a-longs
and a Santa tracker


Merry Mack said...

So glad to hear that Santa tracker is cute. We haven't tried it yet, we thought it was just a Christmas Eve thing. Cute idea with the cards. I love the heroes going to look at Christmas lights. My grandparents lived in a neighborhood that did something similar except each street had a theme, and yes, they had to agree to live in the neighborhood. Fun. I love it.

Dee Stephens said...

I always like to go look at lights too but Brad and I still haven't done it together except in ATL a few years ago. Christmas Town USA is about 30mins from us but it's always crazy. Maybe when we have chillins' ;) Merry Christmas Jann!

starnes family said...

I like your card idea!

Is Christian going to be a blondie?