Wednesday, March 7, 2012

How Many???

This is a serious question peeps....
How many towels does one family or person need?

While doing some laundry today and tidying up (Oh shut up! It happens occasionally)
I discovered we have about 5000 towels. But we use the same 4!

Mark uses the same 4, that gets him through the week until laundry day. I have my couple faves. The boys still use hooded towels. Each bathroom has a cabinet above the toilet and they are all stuffed with towels. Under Mark's sink has several. Plus I still have a closet in the laundry room with half a dozen more at least.

I hate to have them all taking up space. I hate to get rid of them. What will I do when suddenly I have 35 guests over at 1 time who all need showers?

I laughed at myself today as I was looking at the freaking towels because not too long ago my neighbor was telling me she helped her mom work on her house one weekend. She said her mom was borderline hoarder! And she had about 40 towels that she made her throw out. I am so not a hoarder but where did the towels come from?

When Mark was living here for 6 months in an apartment before the family moved up, he had a couple sets. And he is notorious for being on his way to the gym in the mornings, where he showers more than at home, and realizes he forgot a towel. So he will run into walmart and buy one. That can account for at least a dozen. The rest? I don't know. Cause I'm pretty picky about towels. I like nice thick, fluffy ones. And I want the ones in each bathroom to match. Now it seems none of them do.

How many do you have?


starnes family said...

Hmmm.....maybe 20? At the most. Little punks still use hooded ones. Simplify, Jann!

BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

I have a bunch too - I blame Granny - have you ever seen how many she has? But like you we use the same ones. But we use them for a couple days before we wash them - I mean we are clean when we get out of the shower.

Dee Stephens said...

I have had this same though recently.
We have super nice plush, expensive towels that we got when we got married.
Then we have several that I keep for guests.
Then we have 'okay' ones that I keep in the linen closet for bathing the dog and such.
I recently took all the old ones to the garage for work towels.

Merry Mack said...

We don't have many. 4 in the guest bath, 3 we constantly use, 4 extra in our bath and a couple in the half bath to clean up spills. I'm with you, I would hate to get rid of them. Maybe you could store the less nice ones in the utility room or garage?

Meg said...

We have about 15 for me and my husband. Our daughter uses hooded ones since shes just 4 months old. But if you are going to get rid of towels, a lot of animal hospitals could use them. I used to work for one for 5 years and we were always in need of towels & always got donations (even though we were a coorporate vet). :) Just an idea!