Thursday, January 7, 2010

Photo Question

I love digital pictures/cameras. You get instant gratification. You can hit delete and try again if someone blinked or has that crazy fake smile (which is me most of the time).

But I must admit, I am not sure what to do with the pictures. I was printing so many with Connor that I just got behind on putting them in albums. And since Colton's birth pictures, I have NOT printed any! Can you believe it, 2 years!!! I suck, what can I say?

I remember growing up and always looking at the photo albums. Looking back on your own childhood or hearing your parents stories from their pictures was fun. Is that just a thing of the past? Will our kids just look at pictures on the computer? I do at least put them on the computer, almost daily, thanks to blogging. I bet my mom has over 500 pictures still on her card in her camera. YIKES!!

To print or not to print
That is the question
What do you do with your photos? And if they are printed, do you just box them or do you actually put them in photo albums by month/year or occasion?

Speaking of pictures, I bought a new camera. I struggled for weeks about what to do with some of my saved money. When my dad was in town for Christian's birth, we went to Fry's several times to look at cameras. I finally decided not to buy the "big"one because I did not want to have to tote it around plus it was alot of money to spend and to risk having around my toddlers. I went with a middle of the road one, great zoom which I like. I now have decided I don't love it. While it is still considered a point and shoot, it is much larger. So I still carry my little one in my purse. It is the Nikon P90. I really need to spend some time learning more about it, but I have realized I don't have that kind of time or patience right now. So I am having a bit of buyers remorse.


starnes family said...

You chose a great camera. Happy for you!

I'm a printer. I'm behind right now, but do keep up with albums and think it's an absolute necessity with how technology changes over the years.

Donatelli98 said...

I know you already know my answer but I am going to tell you anyway. Your overly type A cousin uploads them online to Costco and prints them monthly (since I am there weekly) and then I just put them in albums - chronological order - with little to no notes. If you don't do it now you never will. I want a "big camera" but I have a little one I throw in my purse that is shock and water proof - bought it to take pics by the pool.

Emily Fern said...

I have had this same problem.. I started uploading pictures to snapfish, shutterfly, ect.. and making photo books. I am doing 1 book for my whole year. It does take some time and can get pricey but I think its snapfish who will have 20% photo books every few months. They turn out really cute. Hope this helps..

Deelsu said...

I print out certain ones and make albums but I sure don't do the albums I used to. We literally have an entire amoire full of photo albums from me throughout the years because I'm into scrapbooking.