Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What I've Learned

Today I learned that I CAN NOT shop with 3 kids!!!!!
I either need a stroller that fits 3 or a straight jacket. I am sure the people from The Children's Place called CPS on me. I just wanted to run in and grab 2 outfits from the clearance racks for the boys. I knew what I wanted, I was not going to be farting around in there. In and Out...that's what I had planned. But Connor was running around, Colton would not stay in the stroller. I would hang a shirt on the back of the stroller, and next time I looked I would just see a hanger. Still not sure where the clothes went. Sorry TCP workers, you will find them stuffed in the middle of a rack tonight!
This morning I have learned that if you haven't worked out for 6 weeks, you should not just jump back in with guns blazing to turbo kick class. WOWZA, I am so freaking sore. In the middle of the night I thought great I must be getting the flu. Then I remembered what I had done. I must have really been faking it during my prego days at the gym. Picking up Christian this morning felt like lifting a 200 pound bag! YIKES
Last night I learned that leaving the dogs in the garage while one runs an errand (because it was too cold to leave them outside) with a full garbage bag (because it was too cold to take it out to the trash can) equals a HUGE stinky pile of poo that you have to jump over to get in the door. It also then takes half an hour in a freezing garage to clean it up. Who ever said dogs are mans best friend did not have garbage diggers like me!
I have also learned that I might as well have given birth to twins because I suddenly have 2 babies...Christian and Connor! Connor wants to be fed at every meal, held all the time, and has made his way to my bed for nights now. This is all around his acting up to get attention.
I am learning right now that Texans are not really prepared for multiple days of freezing temps. We need heavier coats, scarves and gloves. I am also learning I am not prepared for staying in. With sick kids I have not made it out to the store. Forget the milk and bread, I am hoping I have enough project supplies to entertain the boys for a couple of days.
I have also learned that I don''t know squat about lime plants. I bought Marky Mark one for our anniversary in May. It produced 1 lime (and it was already on there when I got it). We have moved it inside because of the cold, and don't you know that darn plant has flowers all over it now! Go figure!!
My arms are sore, so that's enough for now! I am very behind on my posts and will try to catch up soon starting with Christmas.
Oh yeah, I have also learned that 3 sick boys and sick mom are NOT fun!


starnes family said...

Do you have a baby bjorn or sling? That is the only way I survived those first few months. Maybe that could help.

LOVE the Christmas picture. Darling!

Deelsu said...

Girlfriend! You have got a full plate! Good for you getting to the gym!
It is cold..brrr..
stay warm and hang in there!