Thursday, December 24, 2009

Party Like It's Christmas

We were invited to 3 Christmas parties this season, and they were all on the same day....Sunday!
The first was the annual Bond family brunch. I work with Denise at Pottery Barn and am proud to have been added to the invite list a few years ago. I failed to take any pictures at this party though. I had my hands full and truth be told, we couldn't stay long. We had to get everyone home for a nap so we could continue partying.
This is our beautiful cousin Katie (home from college) holding Christian

This is the only picture that turned out decent at Mark's extended family Christmas. On the left is Aunt Maggie (one of the twins), then next is Aunt Joan, and in the chair is the youngest of "the sisters" Aunt Mary. These are Mark's mom's sisters, well some of them anyway.

We had a white elephant adult gift exchange there. We got a Nordstrom gift card, yeah! and the cutest snowman!! Always fun to see who is going to steal from each other at this party. The sisters, their spouses, and adult kids can be pretty ruthless....which makes it more fun! It was great to see everyone. It's been too long!

Next stop was the annual kids Brennan party. The Brennans are the parents of Colton's godfather, Darren. This party is a blast as Santa, himself, comes every year to sing and read a story to all the kids. He, of course, delivers a gift to all the good boys and girls.

This is a shot of Mark in his waiter uniform....dork!! But that's why I love him.

Joe and his gorgeous wife Elissa (he is our realtor also)

There are tables set up for all the kids to eat their pizza

And face painters/tattoo artists

Colton and Connor both got dinosaur and Batman tats. They would have had a whole sleeve done if there had been more time!

Rock Star drums and guitars were set up in one room for the kids
Connor is rockin' out pretty hard here

Then there is the arrival of Santa. All the boys and girls gather round to sing and hear a story. Such a special treat

Notice Colton's hand on Connor's leg. So Sweet. This happened several times along with a head layed gently on the big brother's shoulder once or twice.

Colton receiving his gift from SC-some SpiderMan crap

Connor getting his video game

Santa leaving
This year Santa also brought his sleigh and Vixen the reindeer. Unfortunately when I went back out to visit and take pictures they had left. Next year I will be more on top of things.
It is truly a fabulous party, all of them were/are. I look forward to them every year. Hard to believe Christmas will be over in 1 more day. Until next year....


Deelsu said...

what an awesome party for kids! love tha Santa was there and how cute is Colton with his big bro?
Got your card! LOVES it!

starnes family said...

Can't believe that Santa and your fabulous parties! much fun.

Just caught that Christian resembles you. He's precious! Merry Christmas, Jann. So happy to read about your family.