Friday, December 18, 2009


Sweet Christian, my little cow
However, I am the cow....the milking cow

And always nearby is big bother Colton. He CONSTANTLY wants to hold or kiss Christian. They sit next to each other in the car, and everytime I look back in the rear view mirror Colton has his hand on Christian's seat. If Christian is crying, then he will put his hand on him. Colton has really taken to his role as a big brother. He was even playing with a babydoll at school this week. At breakfast the other morning, he was motioning to hold Christian. I told him he could after he ate. He immediately pushed his bowl away and said no more. Now that's love!
While Connor may already be an experienced big brother, he is entering a new phase of big, BIG boy. This includes sitting in the 3rd row of the car (I am to fearful to have a baby in between two big brothers) and sleeping on the top bunk, which I swore he had to be 4 to do. He is doing great with those fun tasks. He is, however, very very very very JEALOUS!!!!! Hopefully he will adjust sooner rather than later.
The dogs are doing great too. It's just another baby in the house to them. Frisco, who normally does not like anyone, will come check on Christian anytime he is crying. Precious is doing well with not being allowed on the bed at night. We have been making her a little spot on the floor at the foot of the bed. Occasionally Frisco will take it over and I will wake up to find Precious either barely on the corner of the bed or pacing by me whining so that I can move Frisco.

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starnes family said...

I love how the dogs are concerned, too. Very sweet.