Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sparkling Clean Teeth

Connor had his first teeth cleaning this week. He was very excited to go and I was quite pleased to hear him talk about it. I did not want him to have any negative thoughts what so ever.
Getting x-rays wearing the "Super Hero Cape"

Seeing how "Mr.Thirsty" works to suck the water out of his mouth

Feeling the "Magic Toothbrush" that tickles

Wearing Spider Man sunglasses to keep the big flashlight out of his eyes

The final count from Dr. Ryan
So the good news... his teeth look great. He learned how important it is to brush and floss to get rid of the "sugar bugs". These people are creative with all their little names for stuff. Kind of made me feel like a bad mom. I just tell him to brush his freaking teeth. They actually make it fun. He cried last night after we flossed and I tossed the piece of floss in the garbage. I then had to go back and explain that there is more floss in the container and you get more each time. He was very concerned that we would run out until I told him we could buy more at Target. We have brushed his teeth and flossed too many times to count in the last 2 days.
The bad news is it looks like, according to the X-rays of his permanent teeth, that he has some missing. So it becomes a waiting game to see if by some rare chance they just have not started to develop. If not, we have to see how his permanent teeth come in and then make decisions from a cosmetic stand point. We better start saving now. My mom was there to tell Dr. Ryan that she had 2 teeth missing. He said it can be genetic so the odd are not good. I have never heard of such a thing as missing (unformed) teeth.
I will say though that I actually cried. It was a bit scary to see him sitting in that chair with stuff in his mouth. Plus my hormones are still a bit out of wack. But it brought up a lot of emotions about my 1st baby being big enough to go to the dentist. I am such a sap!
Christian also had his 1 week checkup which went well. He is almost back to his birth weight.
Colton had to get his flu shot today. He cried for all of 5 seconds. As soon as I told him he could go pick out a sucker, he was good!
Colton also had his ear checkup. His hearing is great and the ear tubes are still in place and look good. We are going to have him evaluated though for his speech. I think he is just a late talker. Mark feels he is more developmentally delayed, and now that we know it is not a hearing problem, we need to move forward on this. I guess it is better to be safe than sorry.


Deelsu said...

wow! I'm surprised you're even blogging with everything going on! As I said of the choices of names. What a clan of boys! so cool.
Fun dentist pix too! good luck on the genetic thing. I inherited bad teeth.. sucks..
Hang in there and are the dogs doing with another baby in the house?

starnes family said...

I have heard this, much about teeth is genetic. It will all be fine.....hang in there!

Donatelli98 said...

Glad it went well - well other than the missing teeth. Is that a Chrestman thing? So far none of us have it! Good luck! Miss you so much!!