Friday, December 18, 2009

Our First 2 Weeks Home

Our first 2 weeks home with Christian were a blur. Both of my parents were here the first week, then my dad left to go back to work leaving my mom here. Then he and my sister came back for 3 days and to pick up my mom. Mark was also off of work the entire time, well sort-of. While trying to stay busy and rest too, the doctors appointments kept us going. Christian went to the pediatrician twice, the hospital for a test once. Colton went to 2 doctor appointments also, and Connor had his first dental cleaning. Mark also went to the dentist twice. WTH, I am tired just typing about all the freaking appointments. OH, and I had to go once also to check my incision.

We of course squeezed in a Chick Fil-A visit

We got sticker boobs....and they were FUN to take off-NOT!

Christian had his first bath. He looks thrilled huh?

The big boys waited patiently, NOT, by the front door for visitors

We made cookies. This included licking each and every one, it's like marking your territory. Life with 3 boys I guess. But not to worry the heat kills all the germs.

Ok so they were the break and bake kind but it still counts

We saw Santa. The pictures we bought were great. Christian was there too but Mark had the camera on video when he took one of all 3 boys with the big guy

Then we played at the mall after talking to ol' SC!

We pondered some super serious thoughts!!

We actually had 1 family dinner where food was consumed

We made a Christmas tree arts n craft

We became Batman obsessed (the boots not the underwear) and they have not really come off since

We visited one of Santa's reindeer. I believe it was Donner.

We made a Ginger Bread House which has since found its way to the trash because little hands could not leave it alone
But most importantly we visited with Moms and Pops and Sissy. Can't wait to see them again after Christmas!!


starnes family said...

Look at how much you're doing with a newborn, Jann! So impressed......this is awesome.

NayNay said...

I'm impressed too! I still believe God knew what he was doing when he spaced mine 4 yrs apart - his plan, not mine. But you will have so much fun in the years to come, my boys never played together. Hang in there and remember the HOUSE is not the most important thing right now, take care of your boys & YOURSELF, you can clean next year! ha! Merry Christmas to your beautiful little family!

Deelsu said...

how fun! Great pictures and've done a lot!!