Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Let It Snow!

Let it snow! Let it snow!
So this morning we witnessed a very rare Dallas treat....snow!! It will occasionally ice here, but hardly ever snows. And while it was VERY LITTLE, it was a treat to watch. Ok, so truth be told, I did not see it fall since I was sleeping. Connor and Colton got to see it with my parents.

When they were in the kitchen for breakfast, Connor asked my mom what the white stuff was outside. My dad bundled him up and took him out to play for a few minutes. He even got to make a snow ball. Colton was not that interested I guess.

It was all melted away by 10am!! But they say more is coming on Friday maybe, so we shall see.
I feel like I have rejoined the land of the living. My sweet baby, Christian, is 1 week old today. So after 4 days in the hospital, a day and a half of decorating the Christmas tree (thanks to many lighting issues), and 4 doctors appointments in 2 days, I think I might can catch up my blog. WOW! What a whirl wind of a week.
I have been trying to read my favorites but have not been able to make comments or post on mine since I usually have a baby attached to my boob! Kind of makes it difficult to type. I look forward to thinking back on the last week and sharing it here.


Deelsu said...

i thought of all you Dallas peeps with the snow today. It's supposed to 'flurry' here on Friday!

starnes family said...

Snow is so magical! You are so good for being back to blogging already! Happy to hear from you again.

NayNay said...

Glad to hear you were sleeping when it snowed - sleep every chance you get right now! I'm impressed you were out running around for dentist and dr. Bet you were pooped when you got home. Let's see more pics of Christian! And the boys reactions to him. Take care!