Thursday, December 24, 2009

It's the Happiest DAY of the Year....

Well the 2nd anyway!
And at least someone agrees with me. Could Colton be any happier?
This pudding eating picture was from earlier in the week, but he's still happy.
This is seriously my 2nd favorite day of the year as an adult. I love finishing up any final preparations for the BIG day, which for me today just means running the vacuum (oh and getting a shower). All I can think about is the boys faces tomorrow. Kind of makes me feel like a kid again. I sure hope they are excited and satisfied tomorrow.
This morning Marky-Mark and Connor went to the gym. Colton, Christian,and I went to the mall. I wanted to go check out any Christmas deals since I will be traveling on Saturday and celebrating Christmas with my family and Colton's 2nd birthday on Sunday. (Now that will be a whole other post, but WOW my baby, who's now a big brother, will brother will be 2). We did not stay long because Christian was not having a good time, but there was nothing left anyway!!
The big boys are going down for a nap right now and I am going to clean my floors and start packing. Then tonight I would love to get us all to the 6pm church service, but we shall see. There are no guarantees these days on outings. For dinner we will have our traditional tamales. This year I bought them from the Spanish Schoolhouse. My girlfriend, Bethany, ate some already and said they were good. I don't know what the boys will eat....oatmeal or cereal I'm sure! HA!
I feel like a kid counting down the days until summer vacation. I am watching the clock, can't wait for 7pm to come so we can start bedtime and then wait on Santa.
Speaking of Santa....he has dropped off some of the gifts already and we put them in the coat closet. Mark got out his jacket the other day with Connor standing right beside him. He would not stop asking what the red CARS box was. Mark just ignored him. Then he started asking me. So I went over to the closet and looked in. I told him that it was just a red box with his cousin Carson's gift in it that I had to wrap. Santa better make sure and put that box in the trash tonight underneath everything else.
Tomorrow the plan is to get up (me extra early to be dressed before the boys get up) and make blue berry muffins, they're quick and easy but still something different from our usual cereal. Then enjoy Santa gifts with the boys. Then they can open their gifts from each other and mommy and daddy. We need to get them dressed and I have to make 1 dish so we can leave by 10-ish for nanny's house. This year all of Mark's siblings are in town, been over a decade since that has happened.
One bitch fest....had a load of clothes in the washer and dryer the other night before I went to bed. I was washing the boys Christmas shirts for the second time because there was a stain on one of the sleeves. The next morning I heard Mark starting some laundry. I should just be grateful that my hubbs helps with the laundry. But I yelled for him to stop the dryer because I knew he wouldn't have checked the clothes. He walked off toward the laundry room. A bit later I went in there to work on the shirts some more. They are in the dryer, completely dried with set in stains now. I called him to ask about this. He said he looked but did not see any stains. ARRRGGGGG!!!! Shirts now ruined!!! I am trying not to let it bother me, and they are going to wear them tomorrow anyway!
These are the newest ornaments to hang on our tree this year made by the boys.

I LOVE the thought that my tree is going to get a little tackier each year! I can't wait to someone is old enough to string popcorn. I might even have to add in some big, fat, colored, ghetto lights!!

Just a random picture of the "Golden Oranges" as referred to by Connor. You just thought you were eating at the golden WRONG you are!
Merry Christmas!!!
Oh, 1 more thing....I am sitting herewatching snow. How is that for a perfect Chritmas Eve?!

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