Monday, April 26, 2010

MS Visit So Far

And some April birthday shout-outs....

My BIL, Tommy, celebrated his 41st on April 18. Poor guy, who married into this crazy family, has been around longer than he has not. I certainly consider him more than just a BIL, he is my brother. This is an old picture from when Colton was born. But he has his eyes open so I posted it. Happy Birthday Bro!!
My beautiful, sweet niece Kayla (or KK as she is called by the boys) turned 15 on April 13th. I hope you have a wonderful year and all your wishes come true.
I love you KK!!!

My goofy little nephew Thomas turned 10 on April 22 and we just had his birthday party over the weekend. So glad I got to be involved this year. Happy, happy birthday Thomas.
Welcome to double digits! I love you Thomas!!

My Mawmaw also had her birthday this month, but I posted about it already. I went to go visit her in the "rehab center" (AKA the nursing home) the other day. I don't think she really knew who I was, but she sure welcomed a couple of pictures and even wanted to make ugly faces for one.

I don't want to have to remember her this way, all out of sorts. But I will tell one funny story. She thinks everyone at the nursing home is out to get her and is poisoning her. I must say, they are all very nice. They will walk by and say "hi" or "good morning" to her and she will smile and say "hi" back. Then turn to me (or whoever is with her) and whisper "bitch" with a mean look on her face. Not funny but kind of....can't help but laugh.

My sister gave Connor Nemo swim trunks and shirt for his birthday, but Colton quickly took it over (and put it on over his clothes). Connor then slept in it and wore it the next day. What is it with boys and a favorite outfit/shirt/boots/whatever? Are girls like this too? I don't fight it anymore, pick your battles and all.
(That is my Sister's FIL in the background. His grandkids call him cute is that)

Me and Colton....he is very into me lately, which is annoying and precious all at the same time.

The new puppy that my niece and nephew got for their birthdays. Her name is Chloe and she is so stinking cute!! They recently lost one of their dogs, so Chloe is helping to fill a void.
If only puppy's could stay this size, but without the biting and chewing.

Sissy and Christian

The family photo....we will have to photo shop Mark in later.

Kayla, Sissy (Brandi) holding Christian, Tommy, Pops (Dad), Thomas, me, Connor, Colton, Moms (mom), and Granny
April 2010


Dee Stephens said...

could your nephew look more like your BIL! how fun!
We just moved my Maw Maw into a 'rehab' center this past week. very sad....she is 94 and has lived by herself all this time.

NayNay said...

Okay now hubs wants to be called "Dude" instead of PawPaw, thanks. BTW our 2nd grand-daughter was born last week! April 21st, Evy Lynn.

Coco said...

Your Mamaw pictures are precious.

I think they all think they are being poisoned. My friend's Nana thought the old men all wanted to have sex with her. Would go on and on about it. Before she got sick she was so modest.
It was funny. But not. But was.