Monday, April 5, 2010

What I've Learned This Week

This week (OK last week) I've Learned
-Don't wait until Good Friday to buy your Easter lunch ham. Some stores were out of hams and the line to get into the Honey Baked Ham store was at least 70 people long. Seriously folks, can't you shop early?
-Don't underestimate the size of a ham. The smallest I could find was almost 8 pounds. Figured I'd be eating ham until Christmas. Ummm, NOPE! We ate the whole darn thing. Good...because now I don't have to figure out what to do with the leftovers!
-Precious and pineapple-not a good combination!
What did you learn?

Here is what I didn't learn (and I asked)
-What is the significance of not eating meat on Fridays during lent?
-Why the tradition of ham on Easter?
If anyone has an answer please help me out. I mean it!!!
Easter was great. I will post on that soon.

My computer still sucks

My house is still for sale

I want one night of sleep

Baby Christian refuses a bottle, like my other 2 did. I must have the best rack in town!

Gettin old sucks! I now have to use eye cream and my shoulder hurts more than not!


starnes family said...

Not eating meat is another form of sacrifice during Lent. And, a good reason for a fish fry.

Love that you're fussing at other people who didn't shop early so you could get your ham at the last minute. Awesome.

Amy S said...

Friday is the day that Jesus died, so Catholics abstain from eating meat (flesh) on Fridays during Lent out of respect for Jesus who gave up his own flesh to pay for the world’s sins. Before Jesus, sins were “paid for” by animal sacrifice (see Leviticus 1:4, Romans 6:23). The death required to atone for sin was the death of a sacrificial animal. When Jesus died on the cross to pay the price of humanity’s sin he personally became the last sin sacrifice. After Christ’s death, no animal sacrifice was necessary to pay for sin, because his death paid the price of sin in full for all future generations. Today, Catholics thank and honor Jesus for his sacrifice by not sacrificing (eating) animal flesh on Fridays during Lent.

Dee Stephens said...

I learned not to wait to buy Easter cards the day before Easter!
Not sure on the ham thing..

Coco said...

Best rack in town!! Love it!!!!

I had the crappiest rack in town.

The Soladay Family said...

I was laughing at "best rack in town" too. I had a really good one too. So good that they had to be "replaced" for a new set after baby number 3.