Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The BATMAN Birthday Bash

We had The BatMan Birthday Party at Infinite Bounds Gymnastics Center.
The kids (and adults) loved it, didn't have to decorate or clean or clean up!! Kids came at a certain time and left at a certain time. Everyone went home worn out!! LOVED it!!

My camera was blurry most of the day, of course!
Left to Right-
Sophia and Ben, Colton and Connor, Cody and Nathan
Milla and Amelie (on the end)
Ilan (in between the girls) and his younger brother Castel was still running around
cousin Carson did not make it into the picture either
Pretty good turn out, all of Connor's BFF's and they all have siblings the same age as Colton

Christian and Amy
First time she got to hold him since she has been recovering from surgery

The babies had a good time too
Our neighbor, baby Trace, is just 6 weeks younger
Too bad they are not going to get to grow up buddies!!


Connor and Ilan taking a slide

A couple good bouncy houses/slides

The foam pit was definitely the high light!

Told ya the adults loved it too! But it was a bitch to get out of

Oh yes, we live in the BatMan cape these days

Jumping off the trampoline into the foam pit...FUN!

And we only had one collision

My BIL, Jon and nephew Carson
(They just had a new baby boy today)

Even Nannie got in on the jumping action

Our lovely neighbors Ronnie and Johnette
with baby Trace and Amelie

The kiddos getting ready to play a few games

The water gun game was a HIT and Connor's favorite

They also played an animal game. Here they are acting like frogs I think

They also played a parachute game but I don't have photos of that. I had to feed Christian so I gave the camera to Mark, which means I got a big fat NOTHIN!
Love you babe!

Cake time
That's right, wear em out, then load up with sugar to send em home
BTW, I did NOT bring the pink balloons

Did not go home with a crumb of cake at all...
Thank you Lord for saving me from that temptation
If my fave cousin, Cindy, would ever come help me bake I would not have to buy cakes

Nathan and Cody with Daddy Jon
Cody seems to be enjoying some icing

Samantha with Sophia
So sweet

Fernando and Bethany with Castel

Connor and his God Parents
BIL Jon and BFF Amy

At home afterwards opening presents

Also enjoying the day with us was Nanna and Pappa Lou, Aunt Barbie and Uncle Bob. Uncle Lou and Aunt Joan came by as well. Colton's Godmother Linda was there as well.
I took Connor to Toys R Us on Monday to pick out his gift from us. He got a few action figures, Batman and Spiderman of course. He was also picking out gifts for his 5th birthday. Slow down boy, holy crap! He wanted to get one of his new toys out of the packaging this morning. I told him I would do it in a minute. He did not want to wait I guess because he did it. When he showed it to me he said "I am getting to be so big"
Yes you are Con Man, yes you are!
He loves to do somer sets now. Pretty sure he is talking about somersaults?!
I have had to call him Simon for 3 days now (from Alvin and the Chipmunks) and he sleeps in sunglasses because Simon wears glasses.
Caught him singing Beonce's "All the Single Ladies" (watch out COCO) from the chipmunks.
However he says they are not saying "All the single ladies" He says "I wanna sing later"
I think 4 is gonna be our year!

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um friends, MIL, SIL, sissy, mom,
Love you all!!!

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