Sunday, March 28, 2010

What I've Learned This Week

This week I have learned...
Truth be told, I haven't learned all that much this week. I have been too stressed and busy!
Ok, so here is what I learned
-I am way more sad and emotional about my baby Connor turning 4 than I was about him turning 1!!!
And that is the main thing I have been stressed about. His birthday is tomorrow, but his party is this afternoon so there will be lots more on this topic.
What have you learned this week?
Random Crap...
-I haven't posted or read any posts this week because my computer sucks!!! It takes about 30 minutes to even get my email checked. If/when we sell the house I can get a new one. So here's hopin this thing lasts with out me throwing it out the back door (and I am not kidding). I am not above that kind of behavior. Almost purchased one from QVC this morning but Mark came in the room!
-I will catch up this next week if at all possible
-I got my hair did this week. I had to try a new colorist and stylist, as they had both left the salon and I could no longer afford them. I love it!!! So nice not to have greys staring at you in the mirror, mocking your very existence.
-Planning a trip home to visit my folks/family at the end of the month
-Lowered the price of the house last weekend with hopes and prayers the right buyer will come along before this tax credit ends next month. Had 3 showings last week and 1 scheduled this afternoon. Keep praying blogging peeps....need all the prayers I can get! Still haven't had the right buyer, OBVIOUSLY!
-I will be an aunt again by Tuesday...can't wait to meet my new nephew
-I'm a whore...a chocolate whore!!


Dee Stephens said...

love this post! I will pray for the house to sell!
I'm with you on the grey hairs! Getting mine colored this week!

BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

Hope Conner has a great birthday! Tell him his AZ cousins said hi!