Friday, March 5, 2010

Flat Stanley

My sister's niece has just read Flat Stanley in her class at school and is sending him on his travels. So I am seeking help from my fellow bloggers. Stanley has just arrived in Dallas and will send him on his way tomorrow.

I am mailing Stanley to my fave cous Cindy (because I won't give her a choice HA!).

Cindy could you send him to Casey and then Casey could you send him to Dee? Dee, I will email you my SIL's address in Maryland if you could then send him on.

All you have to do is sign his sheet and forward him to the next address. Then mail a postcard to the school. No pictures are required, but if you want to take a picture of Stanley doing something, just email it to me. I will forward any pics to my sister' s SIL. Maybe her niece can get extra credit?!

If you don't want to or can't help, no worries. Just let me know so I can have it sent somewhere else.

Thanks girls!!!

The instructions are included


Amy S said...

Didn't Flat Stanley go on the cruise with us? :)

starnes family said...

Of course! Send him to us. Glad to help. We'll take him somewhere "Kansan".

BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

We'll show Flat some lovely parts of the desert and then forward him to Casey in the plains!

Shea said...

Jann,thanks so much for helping Lillian out with Flat Stanley!! I really appreciate it!!She was so excited to see him on your blog!!She can't believe he's going so many places!!Thanks again for helping!!