Monday, March 15, 2010

My Favorite Body Parts

No, NOT mine!!
And not Coco's
But my sweet baby Christian's

The double chin

The man boobs

The yummy, round tummy

The fat little feet and rubber band ankles

The baby head
When ever I feel he is growing too fast, I look at the back of his head. It still looks like a new baby head.
What can I say...
I am in baby heaven these days
I am also in toddler hell alot too, but it is so worth it!
Praying daily that I don't screw this one up!
How can anyone not love this rolly, polly love bug of mine?


The Soladay Family said...

I love those body parts too! especially their little toes!

Dee Stephens said...

such a cutie! Love the man boobs!

If the shoe FITZ said...

Liam has rubber band everything and the same little head and bald spot! Babies are the if they would stop growing!!

Brandi said...

Awww, how cute!!! That song from Madagascar is running through my head right now--"I like 'em large, I like 'em chunky . . ."

Coco said...

I am loving his man boobs!! Chunky babies are the BEST!! Bram was a chunky monkey.

Christian makes me want to have another baby.

Carrie Darney said...

Aww...I too LOVE Rubber band hands and feet! Hagen has no fat...he just has skin over his bones so he never had the rubber band anything! He is still very easy to carry around though so it is a tradeoff! :)

And LOVE those man boobs and the belly over the skinny boy had the belly over the diaper!

Your boys are so cute!! It sounds like you are really enjoying them sweet!